Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Liaodong Squad Leaders

If you are / have been grinding in Liaodong, you certainly know how annoying those minis with the funny names and the ranged attacks can get - those storm leaders, squad leaders and so on. They are several levels higher than the surrounding mobs and give you tons of ew. If you team up with other grinders and finally kill them, you'll see them respawn a couple of minutes later to disturb your grinding once more. However, once you level up and go back to take sweet revenge you'll find that they mostly drop gold and are not worth the effort. I still haven't found out what exactly their purpose is (except annoying players in the area), but I did find out something else.

If you've been on the island close to the ship, you know that grinding there can get tough. There's the "squad leader chick", the highest of those minis; there's a chance God of Soil will spawn on your head; and now there's even lvl 170 Rudolphs. Yep, that's right, those red reindeer you might've seen are actually Hermit 2 level, like the highest mobs on the Ice Map. Grinding there must be a pleasure indeed if you are a CS player.

Well, after killing those for me yellow Rudolphs, I thought I'd get rid of that annoying mini too, for old times sake. Well, the trick was on me: instant debuff, disrupted nerves and backflow. They act just like bosses in that respect (unlike other minis, like Shen Mo's fab4 crew - I have no problem killing those). So save yourselves the experience and don't touch those annoying creatures if you're 24 lvls higher than them.

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