Saturday, 30 January 2010

BvW war featuring TheHermit, and The Dark Hermit

As promised, tonight we had a special black vs white war in BP. During the Witching hour event, GM Ravenclaw logged, buffed the whole server twice and announced the beginning of what we all expected would be something different from the Saturday routine.

The rules were supposed to be simple: The Hermit would fight to support the White Clans' cause, and The Dark Hermit would help the Black Clans. It didn't exactly turn out that way, since both whites and blacks decided it would be much more fun to chase the two Hermits.
TheHermit spent most of his time outside the black safe zone, killing with ease.

GM Ravenclaw fought by his side and most of the people engaging them ended up stretched on the Bloody Plains' sand. TheHermit died only once, from what I've seen, while Ravenclaw slashed all his opponents with that flashy +12 saber of his.

The Dark Hermit had a bit of a different fate. I suppose this guy is far from being the player's favourite. Since his job is to make our life miserable, he didn't get any friendly treatment from the black side.

So in his case there was a queue of players from both sides chasing, nuking and smashing at him, while completely ignoring eachother. I managed to get up close and personal with this one and draw a reaction when i called him a KG spammer... I don't know who won this char, but I gotta tell ya, he didn't pick his skills well. Raven and TheHermit finished Mastara in 2-3 hits, while this one chased me around BP, delivering around 100 damage/hit, and being fairly easy to outrun (and outheal).

All in all, a little change of scenery from what we're used to in the BvW war. +1 for the attempt, Acclaim team.

The Disconnected Squirrel, over and out. Thanks for watching.

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