Saturday, 12 December 2009

Where is that darn quest mob?

Since the official 9D forums keep crashing, despite of the lovely cleaning attempt that has left the tips and guides section sort of empty, I thought I'd post here some of the quest guides in a nutshell in the form of maps upon which the location of the various quest mobs is located. The little dots are color-coded the same as in game for RTD, RTE, RTK quests, the legend is on the right, bla bla. Click on the image to enlarge.

If the question on your mind is "where to grind?" or "where is the mob that drops a certain item?" (*keeps hoping for collection quest farmers*), below you will find the mob maps. The areas covered by a certain type of mob are marked thereupon, color coded with the name of the mob on the right and there's also the level range of those mobs.

Since some of us also have black chars and since we aren't racist anyway, below are the links to the same type of maps for Shi Zhang, Datong and Hangzhou. Well, Hangzhou doesn't have a mob map yet, I didn't get around to finish it. Yes, I am lazy.

Shi Zhang quests
Datong quests
Hangzhou quests

Shi Zhang mobs
Datong mobs
Hangzhou mobs

And when the laziness wears off, I'll get going on finishing the Liaodong and Icy maps. Scouts honor.


  1. This post is very good and useful....good that someone actually bothered to do this ^^

  2. hey men can u re update pictures about datong seems that dosent work ty very good guide =D

  3. also the others maps :S