Wednesday, 9 December 2009

2nd Collection List

The second Collection list has been published. You can view the needed items as well as check on real-time updates here.

Items needed to be collected until Friday:

  • Red Fox Tails - red foxes in shi zhang and zhengzhou
  • Wooden Flute - twin brutes as well as some mobs in the valley of hell
  • Gunpowder - only in shi zhang, from poison archers near tanshang ferry
  • Strange Stone - bai wu chang mob, loads in shi zhang, some in zhengzhou at twin dragons
  • Snowman's Fur - snowman dudes in icy
  • Strong Venom - zombies - get these at sm levels during pq (nearly complete)
  • Cracked Iron-cored Wood - crippled demon mobs in jinan and datong
  • Leopard Skin - leopards in shi zhang and zhengzhou
  • Leather Sack (from the 1st list) - confucianists in shi zhang and zhengzhou, we still need about 300
  • Plate of Silver Coin - any silver coin mobs in nanchang or hangzhou
  • A Secret Letter of Yakumo - rare liaodong drop needed for GC passes of any color; probably the item that in the end will prevent achieving 100% completion of the list
  • Platinum Nugget - from the spear ladies in the courtyard of GC in hangzhou
  • Buddhist Beads - any monks in shi zhang, zhengzhou, jinan or datong
  • Plate of Bronze Coins - bronze coin mobs in nanchang or hangzhou, pretty rare drop

VoH passes were also on the list, but Bardo is the only server that has completed those at first attempt. Good luck and a big thank you to those collecting and donating items :)

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