Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Collection Quest, again

Well, for those of you who are interested (and who can play, for that matter because massive dc's are still an issue), there is another Collection Quest going on. The thread is well tucked away in the Loremaster's Corner, so look for the sticky there. You can also see what items are still needed in the spreadsheet, as usual.

I for one will be sitting this one out. The SrS bug has almost eaten through my stack of red passes and I assure you, grinding through half a dungeon of blue mobs only to find the light blue ones missing over and over again is not really what I call entertaining. As for my EC alt that I'm currently playing, I couldn't care less on what xp she is grinding. I know that some players in Restless are out there and grinding for drops and I know someone who gave almost a third of the needed gold - tnx for that. I've just given around 200 cof-drops I had saved and that's that.

I just don't feel like putting up with events for now. Not with league mates still dc'ing ever so often, with me unable to play my main char because of bugs and with the last event, the Mystery solving thing turning out to be a rip-off for me personally. Right now I'm really disappointed in the game and the people behind it so I can't be really bothered to participate in something that doesn't give me what's being advertised, whether it's prizes, xp or even fun (which I am sure is found something in the definition of "game").

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Patch 109

No, is not Tibet :)
Actually is a patch who started with lots of dc. Those should happend to hackers and crackers, because they updated the game guard and introduced the spring event buff (not yet available). Still, that happens to a lot of players, hackers or not. And the patch continued (for me, at least) with the wonderfull "failed to connect to an upgrade information server"
So, hold your horses for patch 110.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Event times changing

As you can see in this announcement, the US servers will change to daylight saving times. This means that all the events, as well as the war, should start one hour later than usual.

Provided you know what your own timezone is, you can check your local event times here (thanks to syrusstk for that table).

Prepare for having to disable roars and mapshouts, because i bet a lot of people don't read the forums and won't know about this.

Happy grinding!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Lost Books, Disappeared Tomes and other stuff

As some of you know and some of the newer members maybe don't, we have a donation account in the league with one char in each white clanbase. You won't find any gazillion gold there, but there are some helpful items for people starting out new chars (such as meditation, steps or lightfoot tomes) or in need to max their skills. After a generous donation from Painajainen/RedCross, I found that I couldn't really keep track of all the lost books there so late one night after getting tired of the Ayakashi, I started to sort the stuff there out. You can take a look at the spreadsheet and let us know what you need from there and ask any bandmaster to give you the books/clothes/weps you need.

Btw, you can also check the spreadsheet to see what various white clan books you drop are all about.

If anything there is not understandable, let me know in-game, I'll be around. Mostly. When the servers don't crash. Damn you, server hamsters. You're twarthing my plans to reach chi breathing on my birthday. Ah well.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Solve the mistery

As we all know, warda made another event for us these days. In few words, we must answer to some questions. Not easy ones anyway :)
So, the rules are:

This event will work as a quest; we will have certain clues and one question or one task. Our duty is to solve the mystery hidden in the clues to answer the question or to complete the task.

The event will have 12 steps, to solve the mystery into each step you will need to look for the answer into the Game Guides (only Official Guides), the Talk Dialog of NPCs, the Game or Clans’ Storyline, etc.
Each step will be opened by posting it in a separated and locked Thread in this Section, adding here the link to this step and it will be closed by adding here the indication that this step is closed.
The time that each step will keep opened depends on each step.
Once all the steps are completed we will post here all the steps, the solution and how to find them, we will add the name of the users that have solved each step.

  • Any Acclaim user can participate.
    But one Account can earn only one reward.
  • You can get any help and can use any character.
    But you cannot use characters from different accounts.
  • Send your answer to adding:
    • In the email subjet:
      • Solve the Mystery Task #
    • In the email contend:
      • Your Acclaim username.
      • o The character name (and server) that you are using and where the reward will be added if you win.
      • The step you are answering.
      • The answer to the current step.
      • How you have found this answer
    Any email without all the required information or received when the step is closed will be considered as a failed answer.
  • Each Step only allows 1 answer for each Acclaim user.
    If a participant sends more than 1 email in one Step, only the first one will be considered being all others answers for this Step disqualified.
    You can use different characters to solve the steps but they must be in same account.
  • Each participant can only win one price.
    Who win the higher price (12 steps completed) cannot win the others and the list of the other winners will be adjusted to have 10 winners by category and server.
    If any participant is disqualified the winner list will be adjusted too.


To earn the reward the players need to solve all the previous steps, then each server will have different winner list.

The players who have solved the steps 1~9 and are the 10 first ones (in each server) answering the 10th step will earn:
    - Male characters: Wan Daye’s Si Chuan Jacket and Pant
    - Female Characters: Wan Daye’s Nanjing Jacket and Pant

The players who have solved the steps 1~10 and are the 10 first ones (in each server) answering the 11th step will earn:
    - Male characters: Wan Daye’s Dragon-embroidered Jacket and Pant
    - Female Characters: Wan Daye’s Lotus Jacket and Pant

The players who have solved the steps 1~11 and are the 10 first ones (in each server) answering the 12th step will earn:
    - Male characters: Wan Daye’s Violet Silk Jacket and Pant
    - Female Characters: Wan Daye’s Red Jade Silk Jacket and Pant

NOTE: Who has solved the 12 steps but cannot earn the price because he has not answered into the 10 firsts participants for his server will be included in the previous lists of winners and will be able to earn the price if he answered into the 10 first for his server and this previous list.

Who has solved 11 or 12 steps but cannot earn the price because he has not answered into the 10 firsts participants for his server will be included in the previous lists of winners and will be able to earn the price if he answered into the 10 first for his server and this previous list.

And here it come the 1st step:

The first step in solving the mystery is to travel to Son Shan in the Zhonguan province. After talking to the Shaolin Elder, Fachang, he offered help. But Shaolin monks are mysterious and busy. In order to teach a Buddhist lesson, he has given clues to find what we are looking for.

Almost all Warriors use blacksmiths. While blacksmiths don’t often talk, they do listen and over hear gossip. And they meet once a month to share new techniques and the tasty bits of conversation with their Master.

We need this information. Who is the Master of the Blacksmiths?

Please, send your answer to adding:
  • In the email subject:
    • Solve the Mystery Task 1
  • In the email contend:
    • Your Acclaim username
    • The character name (and server) that you are using and where the reward will be added if you win
    • The step you are answering
    • The answer
    • How you have found this answer

Any email without all the required information will be considered as a failed answer.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Restless on gameSurge

Well, nothing really important, but as i've seen lately, some of our band mates happend to log on IRC to check on 9Dragons channel the news. it is. The gamesurge channel #Restless registered and ready to use, for the players who use IRC more.

Few steps needed. First u gotta register to AuthServ
/msg REGISTER account password email

You will receive in your email a cookie that u need to auth on IRC
/AuthServ COOKIE account cookie(the one from email)

After that, just authenticate to the same bot.
/msg AUTH account password

And that's all. For @ on the channel...errrmm..i gotta be on. Just let me know and it's done.

As i said, nothing really important, but it's another way to help us to communicate faster. 1st post here.

The free XP cards fiasco

If you were online during Lucky Cricket last night on Bardo, you might have noticed a roar saying that 5Exp cards were available for 0 coins in the item mall. Like many other players, I thought this was another one of those flash events held on twitter/facebook that someone thought to advertise in game (I don't have a facebook account and I definitely do not check twitter during raised xp events, I have other things to do, like... grinding? And I still fail to see why exactly in-game events should be announced there. Anyways, point is I didn't double check on those crappy social networking sites that have nothing to do with Acclaim or 9Dragons).

So I went and got the 5 cards on the account I was grinding. By the time I relogged my main account, the cards weren't there, so I assumed it was indeed one of those obscure hour long events only a select few know about. Later that night, I had the following conversation with a mate:

"Did you know the xp cards were bugged?"
"You mean the 5 free ones from earlier today?"
"Yes. They could be taken countless times. I know players who got over 500 of them like that."
"... no, I did not know. I didn't even try, since gifts are once/account. I am no cheater."

Well, apparently I was wrong and I am a cheater and glitch abuser, as defined by Acclaim. There's a heated debate currently going on in this thread on the 9Dragons forums:

There were indeed the greedy bastards who got hundreds of cards (and with that I agree, I can't imagine them now knowing that was a glitch); and there are countless players who got their stack of 5 cards thinking it was a flash event / gift something. Regardless: even thought they admit on screwing up, Acclaim view all as glitch abusers and threaten to ban players who do not pay or return the XP cards.

So, if you happen to be among the players who benefitted from that (fake) offer, I suggest you follow the instructions in the thread. After all, if there is one thing in this world that Acclaim takes serious, it's the company money. Anything else seems of secondary importance, like:

- The tone used in the post; Most players reacted amazingly reasonable to it, given that it's a big poo poo on Acclaim's side that those cards were loose and were ready to give them back. At the same time, all those people pointed out the offensive and arrogant tone of the message. Basically it assumed that everyone knew that free cards should not have been available so no one should've taken them because no one should've known. Like kids who discover a surprise birthday cake and eat it up knowing it shouldn't have been disclosed yet, much less eaten. I know there are a lot of kids in this game but... cut me some slack, will you? I don't need your "Amnesty". I didn't reach deep into your pockets, you do that with mine.

- The way communication between Acclaim and the community is handled; this issue just seems to not go away. Regardless who "the voice" is, regardless who the current community manager is. Somehow something goes wrong and then someone somehow goes into panic mode. That translates either on complete silence regading the issue (as was the cased with a bugged SvS some while ago that lasted 5-6 hours, as far as I know, no reasonable explanation was given to date) or on some random trigger happy behaviour on forum, banning accounts and locking threads. And no, showing up 4-5 pages later in the thread and saying "we didn't mean it like that, we only meant this" doesn't cut it either.

- The freaking non-official announcement channels. First the twitter channel is dead cause Historian abandonned it. Now Acclaim spams me tens of messages a day, making it hard to find any relevant info there or keep track of my real life friends' tweets (after all, sorry, I don't check that page 24/7). Not only that, if you wanna take part in special events, sign up on that pathetic facebook. Sorry, didn't do that. I personally have no means to check if presumed events are real or not. Nor is it my job to do so. Like it wouldn't be Acclaim's job to run parallel, unofficial communication channels for exclusive info. Like I said on some other occasion - try to develop communication intensively and not extensively.

/rant over

Monday, 1 March 2010

Mystery Event

If you're one of those slackers who has no idea about the game background / lore, it's time to brush up your knowledge, if you didn't already do so for the Dogs of Lore events a while ago. Warda is organising a "Solve the Mystery" event, where clues will be given and players have to come up with the solution. Prizes are Wan Daye def clothes, including the much prized def set (I've seen that go around on Bardo for as much as 4kkk). Check her thread if you are up for a challenge.

And also, to spice things up a bit, I think we will be having our very own contest here on the blog soon. I got a couple of ideas and I'm willing to dish out a couple of BE's as prizes. If you have any suggestions for other contests, feel free to pm me in-game.