Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Collection Quest, again

Well, for those of you who are interested (and who can play, for that matter because massive dc's are still an issue), there is another Collection Quest going on. The thread is well tucked away in the Loremaster's Corner, so look for the sticky there. You can also see what items are still needed in the spreadsheet, as usual.

I for one will be sitting this one out. The SrS bug has almost eaten through my stack of red passes and I assure you, grinding through half a dungeon of blue mobs only to find the light blue ones missing over and over again is not really what I call entertaining. As for my EC alt that I'm currently playing, I couldn't care less on what xp she is grinding. I know that some players in Restless are out there and grinding for drops and I know someone who gave almost a third of the needed gold - tnx for that. I've just given around 200 cof-drops I had saved and that's that.

I just don't feel like putting up with events for now. Not with league mates still dc'ing ever so often, with me unable to play my main char because of bugs and with the last event, the Mystery solving thing turning out to be a rip-off for me personally. Right now I'm really disappointed in the game and the people behind it so I can't be really bothered to participate in something that doesn't give me what's being advertised, whether it's prizes, xp or even fun (which I am sure is found something in the definition of "game").

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