Thursday, 4 March 2010

Restless on gameSurge

Well, nothing really important, but as i've seen lately, some of our band mates happend to log on IRC to check on 9Dragons channel the news. it is. The gamesurge channel #Restless registered and ready to use, for the players who use IRC more.

Few steps needed. First u gotta register to AuthServ
/msg REGISTER account password email

You will receive in your email a cookie that u need to auth on IRC
/AuthServ COOKIE account cookie(the one from email)

After that, just authenticate to the same bot.
/msg AUTH account password

And that's all. For @ on the channel...errrmm..i gotta be on. Just let me know and it's done.

As i said, nothing really important, but it's another way to help us to communicate faster. 1st post here.

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