Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spring clean

Seems a couple of words regarding recruitment are in order and I would like to point out that I am speaking only for the -less band now. When this band and this league started out, it was meant to be a 'friends of friends' thing. We don't want to rule, rock, own, pwn, command or conquer anything or anyone. Therefore, I don't consider we have any reason to lower or recruitment standards in any way. (And in case you are wondering, by 'standards' we do not mean level requirement.

The first and foremost no-no of that is cheaters, scammers and exploiters. I absolutely detest that sort of people and they are less than welcome here. I also detest people who can't handle their anger management so idiotic behavior like swearing, insulting others, rudeness or nonsensical spam (the sort we're blessed with every event when some kid's fuse burns through) isn't tolerated either. Furthermore, idiotic behavior includes acts like safe zone killing, harassing, griefing, ks-ing of mobs and bosses, etc.

If you plan to leave for a while, it'd be nice to let us know. It's generally nice to let us know you are online and playing so some English language would be nice to have. We like nice and fun people who play by the rules and fit in with the rest of the band. Most of us have known each other for a while. So if you find yourself at odds with someone in the band, it would be preferred you find a way to work it out between yourselves because if it comes to taking sides, we'd probably choose our old friends' side.

And as a general rule from now on, if someone wants in this band, please tell us who in the league you know/knows you/you grinded with/etc. You either make a great first impression on us, or you have someone confirm us that you are indeed worthy of being a rodent ;)

For those who do not meet those requirements, if you are under SM, I'd prefer it if you seeked discipleship with one of the higher levels in the band, preferably a leader. If the respective person thinks you are ok, they will also invite you in the band, if you want that. If you are over SM, play with someone from our league or accept the fact that it might only be invite on probation.

I am sorry, I know this may come across as a bit rude, exaggerated or holier-than-thou. But I've seen leagues break apart or become a sorry crowd of idiots because of indiscriminate recruiting and people being invited that just didn't 'fit the profile'. And as far as I can help it, this won't happen here. As said, I cannot speak for the other band leaders, but I guess they can do that themselves :)


  1. hi. Painajainen will be out from now on. same with my other chars :) no more 9d for me (well ill try to complete that vaga event at least)

  2. hmm... are you sure you can stay away? ^^

  3. another one bites the dust... jk!
    DC league is falling apart (DoodleBug left and leaving behind his empty band).
    i can't blame anyone.
    i totaly had your share, but don't just leave like bugly did plz T_T come by and say goodbye(we will miss you ingame u know..)

  4. swordy when will u be back?? =(