Saturday, 29 May 2010

Servers down

Greetings Players, we were as taken by surprise as you were. Acclaim is switching all domains over to Playdom's domains and everything is likely to be down until the morning hours (PSD). No rollbacks, just an unfortunate interruption that seems to be taking down the forums, and mall, etc. Please spread the word to friends who play as best you can and I'm sure we can make up for lost time with some raised XP.

(As usual, thank you for taking into consideration the non-north american player base... not! not announcing GMT times as well has been a common practice for a while now and yes, I'm lazy to do the maths. The guys at acclaim are paid to do it, i'm not.)

The first pages of any PR manual teach you that credibility cannot be bought. Not with promotions and not with cheap "bribery" such as raised xp. I think manuals skip the part of announce-people-something-will-happen-BEFORE-it-happens because that's just common sense. But hey, we all know that common sense is anything but common these days.

Have a nice non-gaming weekend everyone. After all, spring is in the air.


  1. Spring is in the air, and my wife is working a 24 hour shift today, and will do nothing but sleep tomorrow.

    We will all be reduced to watching the EuroVision Song Contest tonight...