Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mobs & their drops (starter maps)

"Hey all, can you tell me what mob drops....?"

Seems we keep hearing this question pretty often lately, especially since the collection events started. So now I'll try and compile a list as complete as possible of the mobs on each map, their levels and the items they drop.

Any help is appreciated, especially from leaguemembers who grind in NN, Jinan and ZZ. For the black maps, I'll scrape up all the info I can, and I'm happy that most mobs are the same as those on white maps.

So, here's the first list: mobs on starter maps, sorted according to level, and what they drop.
I have not included gold drop, Qilin Statues, BE's, GT's, weapons or quest item drops.

Please report any mistakes I have made or anything I might have missed while making the list.

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