Friday, 18 December 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town...

If you were wondering what to get yourself for Christmas (don't tell me you haven't), save yourself the trouble and buy Acclaim coins. Check out the Hermit's thread here. They are currently having the best promotion I have seen so far. It started on December 15 and will last until the 1st of January.

You need to buy loads of coins... aside from a bonus in coins (which in itself is already significant), you also get loads and I mean LOADS of goodies for a minimum of 10000 purchased coins. They've put together a nice bonus package of highly wanted item mall stuff:

  • 100 Experience Bonus Cards
  • 12 Dragon Scales
  • 12 Dried Ginseng
  • 12 Blood Essences
  • 12 White Tiger Trigrams
  • 9 Blue Dragon Trigrams
  • 12 Red Phoenix Jade Stones
  • 12 Blue Dragon Jade Stones
  • 1 Blood Bead of Earth

If those xp cards and scales aren't enough to make your mouth water, then at least the Blood Bead should. So, forget about dead ancient Chinese generals to get that precious loot - just spend money for the Acclaim Santa.

Items will be gifted starting with the 1st of January so be prepared for some nerve-wrecking waiting periods - we've had issues with GMs manually adding stuff to accounts before and we know it usually gets delayed and messed up. But I'd say it's worth the hassle.

So... I know what will be lying under my Christmas tree.


After receiving player comments that the Trigrams and Jade Stones would expire upon delivery, coupled with the GM comments that both Howard marks and The Hermit have lost their minds with generosity this season, coupled with multiple delivery problem bug issues that would result from the Stones and Trigrams, we are changing the Bonus Items that accompany this offer. We believe it is actually an improved offer; however, if anyone is truly dissatisfied, and has already bought in and achieved the threshold of 10,000 Coins purchased as of 5:00 PM PSD on 12/17/09 with an overwhelming desire to receive the original offer, it shall be honored. Here is the new offer and I believe most should find it acceptable.

  • 100 Experience Bonus Cards, 100 Item Bonus Cards
  • 50 Blood Siphon Panaceas
  • 50 Spirit Siphon Panaceas
  • 12 Dragon Scales
  • 12 Dried Ginseng
  • 12 Blood Essences
  • 1 White Tiger Trigram
  • 1 Blue Dragon Trigram
  • 1 Red Phoenix Trigram
  • 1 Black Tortoise Trigram
  • 1 Blood Bead of Earth on top!

All Bonus Coins and the additional Bonus Items for 9Dragons will be gifted on 01/01/10.

To receive the Bonus Items you must have 12 Empty Slots reserved in your bag from 12/29 until 01/02. If you have only 11 Empty Slots in your bag the final Item shall not be gifted, and so on. This is the players return responsibility for this offer. Also, if you earn double, triple or above Bonuses, you must leave an additional 5 Empty Slots per Bonus Achieved (since Trigrams and Blood Beads cannot stack in a bag). So, if you achieved 3 Bonuses, you would require 22 Empty Slots in your bag to receive all Items.

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