Sunday, 13 December 2009

It's that time again...

... when the Imperial Emperor calls upon the warriors of the Land to help out those in need.

Congrats to all those who leveled during this weekend's 5xp event - some braving the constant LD map crashes or the dreaded errorcode -1. If someone doesn't know yet, we've had 4 hours of 5xp on each of these two days (extended, too) because Bardo has managed to complete 100% of the task it was set last week during the Collection Event.

So, if you've enjoyed it and want it again, it's time to work and earn our xp. In other words, Collection Event time again. The first list has been posted on the forums. At first glance, there is nothing impossible on it. Golden Cases are a bit of a rare drop. The Madman mobs in Mount Yanmo close to the Hefei exit drop those. However, bandits in Shi Zhang and Zhengzhou also do, though as said, it's a rare drop. The rest of the list should pose no problems at all as the drops are fairly easy to get with a char of the right level.

If you feel like lending us all a hand, below is the list and the link to the spreadsheet with real time completion percentage. Remember, even if you don't have a character that can collect, buffs of any sort as well as heals are greatly appreciated by the farmers.
  • Bear Paw - any bears in Shi Zhang, Zhengzhou, Jinan and Datong
  • Golden Case - as stated above, Madmen in Mt. Yanmo and bandits in SZ/ZZ
  • Sorcerer's Cane - sorcerers of any type in Nanchang / Hangzhou
  • Giant Spider Shell - tarantulas in SZ/ZZ
  • Iron Nugget - iron coin mobs in NN/HZ
  • Blunt Axe - axeman in NN/HZ
  • Skeleton Talisman of Beast Clan - sorceress mobs in NN/HZ
  • Golden Belt - blind [weapon] demon troopers in the valley of hell in Jinan/Datong (tnx, bizt)
  • Plate of Iron Coin - iron coin mobs in NN/HZ
  • Red Fox Skins - foxes, obviously (SZ/ZZ)
  • Copper Nugget - bronze coin mobs in NN/HZ
  • Silk - blind madmen as well as some other mobs, such as crippled demons or the blind weapon ones
  • Silk Pouch - brigands and such, as well as some quest mob such as the brigand for the tribute goods quest, mountain flower and moutain king for the RL quest etc.

North Sea Plates and Conqueror's Herbs were completed within 1-2 hours already.

Click here for the spreadsheet with % of completion, notices, updates etc.

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