Thursday, 10 December 2009


Way to go, Restless. The dreaded Leather Sacks for the Collection quest are now complete and around 350 of the 1000 are ours.

Items still needed are gunpowder (anyone got low RC chars on the black side?), cracked iron core wood (FD3 and FD11 mixed mobs after Tiantan for the white side), platinum nuggets (high GB mobs in the GC courtyard but easy drops) and plate of bronze coins which turned out to be this list's problem child. Any bronze coin archer or head of bronze coin in Nanchang/Hangzhou drops them, but the drop is rather rare and you'll be better off with a melee char as all the bronze mobs are ranged.

I'm pretty sure Bardo could complete the list or at least score really high. We have done a nice share of it, so I hope you all enjoy the boosted events this weekend, they were hard earned on (mostly) our alts :)


  1. Seems someone hasn't recorded those last 350 leather sacks. Did you already give them to a VGM?

  2. Corvus spent the night at Bardo event stage (if any cookies are missing on the table there, blame it on him).