Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Deleting useless quest items

Every once in a while you might find yourself stuck with an item in your bags that you cannot sell to NPCs, delete or drop on the ground. Examples include the earrings from the tutorial, the old pouch if you haven't done the quest with it or the letter of recommendation if you've skipped the EC1-4 pq.

The official way to get rid of those things taking up bag space is to pigeon a VGM and let them know the character name and the name of the item you want to have removed. However, pigeongrams don't always work if the recipient is not online. Also, VGMs have to get hold of a GM to remove the objects as they do not have these rights themselves. So if you do not want to wait, there is also a workaround for that.

For the example below, in order to avoid phrasings such as "first item", "second item" or "the itemthat…", I will use the Old Pouch as te annoying "undeleteable" quest item you want to get rid off and a Cow Patty as a second useless/cheap item.

  • First, place the old pouch and the cow patty next to each other in one of your bags.
  • Then drag the cow patty over the trash bin but DO NOT confirm the deletion.
  • Drag the old pouch over the cow patty in order to switch places between the two.
  • Once they have switched places, CLICK AGAIN on the old pouch. If you skip this step, it will not work.
  • Finally, confirm the deletion with "yes" and the old pouch should be deleted and the cow patty still there.

Just please be careful. Do not try this with a valuable item as it may not come out as expected and you would not want to use something valuable. Try random mob drops, pieces of steel or something similar.

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