Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Some thoughts on M&D

M&D, short for Master&Disciple is a new system implemented in game by patch 99 (the one that messed up loads of stuff that was working fine and which partly is still messed up). In short, it is supposed to be a mutually benefic relationship between two players in game, one of higher level and a lowbie.

By completing a quest you can earn the title of Master if you are SM1 or above and players lower than that can request to be a disciple. As a class5 Master (the starting point) you can have two disciples. Quests to advance in class are currently bugged, but you can add one more disciple / class of mastership.

As long as both master and disciple are on, they have a series of benefits: disciples get a hp/ve/dmg/ck dmg buff that increases as they grind; the combined kills of master and disciples are counted and reaching a certain amount increases blood count growth; the xp from every 50th killed mob is randomly multiplied; the disciple produces contribution points which can be spend on various M&D items at dedicated NPCs.

That much for the "technical" part of it. Now on to the rambling.

The way I see it and like to believe it was intended, the M&D system was a good way to help lower levels get some advice from veteran players. A master is supposed to be able to guide a disciple's steps in the game. Personally, I think SM1 is too low in the game to be a master, given that the current level cap is PS1. Second role would've been more appropriate.

Secondly, what I see now I people competing for disciples, active ones that can produce contribution points so the masters can buy nice stuff. I know there are quite some out there helping their disciples along... but when I see someone sending a lower level at some weird point of the map to solve a quest and then asking for disciples two minutes later, I can't help but shake my head...

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