Sunday, 1 August 2010

Skill Books

As you well know, in order to increase your skills to ch11 and 12 you need those neat little books that cost a lot of money: the lost books (for ch11) and disappeared tomes (for ch12). There are some things to take into consideration before jumping headfirst into buying books, however.

First of all, there are skills that don't level beyond ch10 0% but the books still drop and are as of yet useless:
- actives
- external wounds heal
- internal wounds heal- nukers' FD slow nuke

Second role skills don't level beyond ch10 0% as well (with the exception of the hybrid's scale buff), but at least there are no books for those skills either, so you won't be tricked into buying them.

Then, there are books for "regular" nukes and smashes. Don't buy those either, they are all available in the clan base and you also need to hit second role (and sometimes attain several levels into the ECs or FCs) to use them. Throw in some pieces of steel as contribution and you'll get them cheaper than a player might try to scam you into believing you'll have to pay.

Finally, we have the rest of the heals, the buffs and self-buffs and the shields. Those have level requirements, but as soon as you are able to level them to cheng 10, you can also get them to 11 or 12 as soon as you can get your hands on the books. Some of those are more expensive than others. A short heal will normally cost you more than a warrior's buff that makes the mobs turn aggro, though I did see some weeeeeird prices out there (like 30 kk for a rezz book, as if healers and hybs go around rezzing themselves all day long).

If you have some books on your hand and do not know what they do, you can check the table below (click for the large image)


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  2. So anyone noticed that all Acclaim games are closing? the only one we have no news on what will happen is 9Dragons .

    “RockFREE will no longer be in service effective August 9, 2010“

    “2Moons Transfer to GameHi
    Acclaim/Playdom’s license with GameHi for 2Moons ends as of August 26, 2010“

    “BOTS will no longer be in service effective August 25, 2010“

    “DANCE! Online will no longer be in service effective August 20, 2010“

    “RanchStars will no longer be in service effective August 25, 2010“

    And Knight’s Blood is offline.

    So any backstage new that Arashi wants to share ?

  3. Lol. Whatever makes you think I'd have something like that? Would like to know myself what's going on

  4. And the “already-online” 9Dragons website: seems that the germans will be taking the EU server this fall.