Monday, 30 August 2010

Letters - part 2

Letter from The Hermit to Disney (intended to be an open letter from every 9D player)

"Dear Disney Executives,

I am a player of the videogame 9Dragons, which was developed by the game company Indy21 and published by Acclaim Games. As you know, the game has now been moved to a new publisher, GamersFirst, following your acquisition of both Playdom and Acclaim, but the character database has not been transferred. I fully understand that Disney is a newcomer to this deal and that Disney personally bares me no ill will. I would really like to have my Character Data transferred as well, so that I can continue playing where I left off. I understand that there are legal issues regarding the transfer of my Personal Data. By registering here on this facebook page I am requesting that you reconsider your decision not to transfer the data in a way that will not cause you any liability. There is a distinct difference between my Personal Data (such as my email address and personal information), and that of my Character Data (which records my in-game character’s name, level and equipment), and all I am asking is that you transfer the Character Data over, and then the responsibility for matching my personal info and that character’s data can be handled and verified between myself and the game’s developer, Indy21, with no Personal Data violation committed by Disney, Playdom or Acclaim whatsoever; and I will further sign any further documentation you wish that can make this possible. It is my understanding that the transfer of the Character Data for our entire community is a simple matter technologically speaking and will take less than a half hour of your time, and I sincerely hope you will take this matter under full consideration. I really want to have my Character Data moved and I believe it will bring a lot of good will toward your company."

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