Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hyperion's "Daily Update"

Ok, not so "daily" but still, much more better then Acclaim, regarding the news. Last and maybe most important news till today is: 

1. "We have sent over a ton of information to Indy and they are sending us back some critical files (such as the game client) overnight.

Tomorrow, the new 9Dragons website should be live! That's kind of a big deal"

Bi"g deal or not, things are moving. Still nothing about the database yet. 

2. "We had a great meeting with Indy21, and it looks like I will soon (I know you hate it when I use the word soon, but its faster than "in a while") be able to give out the information you all are going crazy for (regarding the DB and when the game will be back up).

Obviously, the website is NOT up yet, this is due to some bugs that need to be verified as fixed before the site can go live. This will surely be completed while I am sleeping tonight, so I think that the website will go up tomorrow morning.

I know it can be frustrating having to deal with me being evasive on the really important topics of the account DB and when the game will be back. The reason for this is because I do not want to break my promises to you guys. In my opinion, from a players perspective, it is worse for a community manager to break their promises than to be evasive. So, until i get a confirmed date on the items I am refering to, I won't be posting the update you want to see (which I should do....SOON!)"

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