Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hyperion about fresh start and G1

Hmm, how to respond to this....

It seems like this thread has a LOT of history and emotions behind it (obviously), so I will take a moment to remind you guys to remain respective and be constructive at all times.

From the feedback I have gotten, it seems MOST of the community wants the account information and not a fresh start.

There are more benefits to the Game, Community, and GamersFirst for us not to start that is the road we will be traveling down. So yeah...

Anyway, once we get the game going again, we will likely start a new server for those interested in a fresh start.

Oh, I also wanted to respond to the questions of G1 being greedy "like Acclaim was"...even though I will probably have to write this dozens of times.

It should go without saying, but GamersFirst is in the business of free online games, and that business requires us to make money off our property in any/all ways we can.

So, it should be clear that we will be PERCEIVED to be greedy "like Acclaim was...". This perspective is a byproduct of being in the business of free2play online games. There is no charity or non-profit organization that publishes quality online games out of simply the goodness of their hearts.

We do go about it a bit differently, although I am not 100% sure how Acclaim did their monetization, our philosophy about making money is this:

publish online game

Just kidding...its more like this:

Publish online game
Provide quality support
Deliver new content and features
Grow and nurture the game community
Create fun events and promotions the community can get excited about
Come up with new and crazy ways to do all of the above
Troll players on the forums

To us it boils down to the mantra that "Happy players spend more money...", so we want to keep you happy, so you give us your money. There is no shame in admitting that we want to take your money, because we view that money as your support for our operation, and without your support, we would have no operation. Every dollar you spend is like a vote in a free2play game. It is also a lot more fun to do it this way, which is why GamersFirst hires people that understand how gamers think (because we are gamers ourselves). Almost every meeting we have here gets prolonged because someone inevitably says " this what our players really want?..." or something to that affect.

Only the invisible hand of the market and time will tell if we are doing things the right way.

Hope that clears things up, I did go a bit off-topic, but I did have to comment on "greed" sooner or later.


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