Saturday, 4 September 2010

No more 9Dragons

At least not as we used to know it...

To explain myself, i asked Hyperion in PM for permission to post on the forum the game storyline. Including clans, war..everything. His answer was:

"Hyperion: Unfortunatly, we cannot use that story. Which is a big shame as it was quite good"

So, good bye 9Dragons. Nothing new about the storyline, if we are gonna have a storyline from now on; or who's gonna be the new writer, since they cannot use Steven's. I'll try to keep you guys updated as soon as possible. Wich might be tuesday, if Hyperion will reply to my message.

P.S. The website is on, btw:

edit: Unofficial sources said that Steven himself said G1 doesn't need his permision for the Lore ingame, but to pos it on forum/website. Wich is half good to know; the storyline will stay the same. Still, there are some issues about the legal rights. Steven already sent an email to G1 regarding this issue. But that's all i have for now.


  1. Hi all im Lucky__Tuga from DC hero league, i think they possibly will buy the 9D stroy from indy21 making the game more = to the korean one, (but not just in story, maybe in rates[drop,refining,xp,etc...] also[evry1 above sm with 2-4 sloted +10 and up wepons xD])

  2. Hello
    Its Yu again . I definetly follow the blog
    and hope that the situation for the 9d players
    will get better .
    I posted a little Diablo 2 story with
    screenshots on the messageboard and hope
    you have some fun with it .
    Restless is really great .. Greetings Jörg

  3. funny that they don't have the rights, but my posts with the lore are still right there :))

    I had saved the clan and war information for dogs of lore, wu tang and shaolin are up and well in the tips and guides section.

  4. From my point of view this is pretty much a non-issue at this point in time. Let's get the game working, with our characters and all bugs fixed. Then we maybe we can do with a little story-telling.