Wednesday, 15 September 2010

9D is returning

Today's update contained some long-awaited news and some expected news.

The long-awaited news are that 9d will be back up tomorrow at the estimated time of 1am GMT.
You can read Hyperion's post here.

The expected news are that they don't have the DB yet, and it seems that it will be a long time before even we can hope for them. Hyperion pointed out that the DB issue is now indy21's problem, and it seems that indy will need to take legal action against Disney in order to get our info. I somehow would place my bet on the big fish, but hope dies last.

We'll see how smoothly and bug-free the servers will start (small chances there). Maybe some of us should stay up just in order to re-create our characters and at least get the names reserved.
For Restless members, refer to our facebook group and talk to the people who will stay up and make their chars. Maybe we can work something out, and after a couple of hours we'll be able to recreate the league.

More news about the league here and on the FB group. We'll keep you posted.


  1. Its Yu again . It seems nobody posts on the msgboard and iam not a member of facebook . Are you starting again on Bardo or another server ? How and where can i meet you ingame ?
    Some infos would be great .

  2. Hi Yu :)
    Here is the thread on where to download the new game client:

    I will be on Phoenix, like most Bardo players that choose to stick to the game, I guess

  3. Its Yu again . Iam GC 1 and restarting PC after a crash at Wan Daye Quest . Currently iam having big fun :) The Kung FU xp is very low so best activate your 30 day premium soon -Also a nice deco for the start and Quilin mirror did give me some much needed gold as well . My nickname ingame is YuShuLien and i hope we can reunite the band at a later time . Iam on again now see you later :)

  4. oh, so it WAS you i ran into in wts :))