Saturday, 29 May 2010

Servers down

Greetings Players, we were as taken by surprise as you were. Acclaim is switching all domains over to Playdom's domains and everything is likely to be down until the morning hours (PSD). No rollbacks, just an unfortunate interruption that seems to be taking down the forums, and mall, etc. Please spread the word to friends who play as best you can and I'm sure we can make up for lost time with some raised XP.

(As usual, thank you for taking into consideration the non-north american player base... not! not announcing GMT times as well has been a common practice for a while now and yes, I'm lazy to do the maths. The guys at acclaim are paid to do it, i'm not.)

The first pages of any PR manual teach you that credibility cannot be bought. Not with promotions and not with cheap "bribery" such as raised xp. I think manuals skip the part of announce-people-something-will-happen-BEFORE-it-happens because that's just common sense. But hey, we all know that common sense is anything but common these days.

Have a nice non-gaming weekend everyone. After all, spring is in the air.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Yeah, well, I can't believe it myself. But we have a group on Facebook. If you're a member of the league, search "Restless HL" to join. Be sure to let us know your in game name (drop a pigeon or so if we don't react). Nothing special, just another place to interact, have some fun, share some gossip, upload some screenshots... whatever floats your boat ^^

Monday, 17 May 2010

Flash # 1 (Bardo)

Question: "What or who is Angulimala?"

Leave your answers in a comment (don't forget to include your in-game name). Try not to copy, I hate that - phrase your own answers. First three Bardo players to answer that will get 5, 3 and 1 BE respectively.

If I don't get back to you, whisper Arashi_Tora or Aynur during Wed/Fri events.

Since BlooM bragged about the rodents being some dogs of lore and since he tapped into an older custom title I had and as his disciple I ended up with the m&d title "The Legend Keeper", we might just start to live up to the name. For old times' sake.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Patch 115

Maybe one of the best patches since...Here are the news:
-Added epithet quests for Tibet; new higher-level quests

-Map for Cave of the Conqueror(!)

-Non-PK buffs sold by the Hermits in Bloody Plain Safe Zone and the Hermit in CC3. This buff costs 5,000 gold and prevents you from attacking players or being attacked by players for two hours in BP and CC. If you leave BP/CC, the buff goes away. You can renew the buff as often as you'd like/have money. You can't get the buff if you're in combat mode, if you have a major or minor penalty, or if you've won a PvP battle in the past 60 minutes.

So, new epi's for H+ players, the map of CC and the best of it, a dream for all CC grinders, non-pk buff ^^. I may consider to grind in CC again :))
The bad part will be for deff and hp bosses in CC. But at least now u can give it a try w/o being pk-ed. All you need is to be a nuker, lol :)) I wonder if nukers have dmg cap on those bosses too. If they do, be sure u're a FC warrior and u will get those trinkets ^^

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Restless and the Dogs of Lore

Well, we did it again ^^

This time, at Dogs of Lore contest we had a special prize, the new Raising Dragon Wardrobe. Permanent deco for top 1-3 and 30 days deco for top 4-9.

With great help from chinchi, who got 2nd place and against all ods (because of my dc's), Restless was on 2nd and 3rd place ^^. And a 30 days deco for tali. Still, squirell wasn't there, so that's all we had :)) (i'm not counting bizt as a Restless member, he played with his vaga)

This time, on Bardo, no pvp-er got that deco, wich is 10k coins in IM O_o. I wonder why...
And as a side note, Restless rulls :D We aren't 1st league in PvP, but we are the best in any quiz/quests contest :D

Here is the list from Bardo:
[-Asura-] - 35
- 27 (chinchilla)
MISTyKA - 27 (raccoon)
- 24
- 20
- 15
- 15
- 14
- 14 (crazy tali) ^^
- 13
- 13

Grats chinchi, you did it again ^^

And just for the record, so u can see why my point, here it is ^^
Dogs of Lore contests
1st round:
Arashi_Tora on 1st place (highest score from all servers)
MrBlooM on 6th.

2nd round
chinchilla on 1st place, that topic was deleted.
raccoon on 5th or 6th

3rd round.
Rhoynarr on 1st
-Nemerra- on 7th

4th round
Arashi_Tora on 1st place
MrBlooM on 3rd place

5th round
-Surya- on 2nd place
MrBlooM on 3rd place
Ar-Feniel on 4th place

6th round
-Surya- on 2nd place
MISTyKA on 3rd place
talibanul86 on 8th place (even he is half Restless ^^)

Now you can see why I'm dam proud of it...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spring clean

Seems a couple of words regarding recruitment are in order and I would like to point out that I am speaking only for the -less band now. When this band and this league started out, it was meant to be a 'friends of friends' thing. We don't want to rule, rock, own, pwn, command or conquer anything or anyone. Therefore, I don't consider we have any reason to lower or recruitment standards in any way. (And in case you are wondering, by 'standards' we do not mean level requirement.

The first and foremost no-no of that is cheaters, scammers and exploiters. I absolutely detest that sort of people and they are less than welcome here. I also detest people who can't handle their anger management so idiotic behavior like swearing, insulting others, rudeness or nonsensical spam (the sort we're blessed with every event when some kid's fuse burns through) isn't tolerated either. Furthermore, idiotic behavior includes acts like safe zone killing, harassing, griefing, ks-ing of mobs and bosses, etc.

If you plan to leave for a while, it'd be nice to let us know. It's generally nice to let us know you are online and playing so some English language would be nice to have. We like nice and fun people who play by the rules and fit in with the rest of the band. Most of us have known each other for a while. So if you find yourself at odds with someone in the band, it would be preferred you find a way to work it out between yourselves because if it comes to taking sides, we'd probably choose our old friends' side.

And as a general rule from now on, if someone wants in this band, please tell us who in the league you know/knows you/you grinded with/etc. You either make a great first impression on us, or you have someone confirm us that you are indeed worthy of being a rodent ;)

For those who do not meet those requirements, if you are under SM, I'd prefer it if you seeked discipleship with one of the higher levels in the band, preferably a leader. If the respective person thinks you are ok, they will also invite you in the band, if you want that. If you are over SM, play with someone from our league or accept the fact that it might only be invite on probation.

I am sorry, I know this may come across as a bit rude, exaggerated or holier-than-thou. But I've seen leagues break apart or become a sorry crowd of idiots because of indiscriminate recruiting and people being invited that just didn't 'fit the profile'. And as far as I can help it, this won't happen here. As said, I cannot speak for the other band leaders, but I guess they can do that themselves :)