Monday, 17 May 2010

Flash # 1 (Bardo)

Question: "What or who is Angulimala?"

Leave your answers in a comment (don't forget to include your in-game name). Try not to copy, I hate that - phrase your own answers. First three Bardo players to answer that will get 5, 3 and 1 BE respectively.

If I don't get back to you, whisper Arashi_Tora or Aynur during Wed/Fri events.

Since BlooM bragged about the rodents being some dogs of lore and since he tapped into an older custom title I had and as his disciple I ended up with the m&d title "The Legend Keeper", we might just start to live up to the name. For old times' sake.


  1. Arhingsaka was born in India to a noble family. Despite his noble birth, his horoscope showed to be born under the sign of thieves, and thus was preordained for a wicked life. On his 16th birthday his father sent him to complete his education and Arhingsaka became the teacher's favorite; the other jealous students told the master that Arhingsaka was flirting with the teachers wife. Deciding to punish his former star pupil, he told Arhingsaka : "You have almost completed your training; there is just one thing left to do. Once you finish your life of suffering will be over, and you will become a Bodhisattva. You must single-handedly kill 1,000 people" Arhingsaka changed: once he was bright and his mind light; he was tall, handsome and muscular. Now he turned grim and ugly, hunched over and plodding. He no longer laughed or spoke and he haunted the forests like a wild animal. He endeavored to complete his task, until an enlightening encounter with the Buddha halted his bloody quest. His new name, Angulimala, meant "garland of fingers", which he wore around his neck.

    Source: IMDB

  2. "lol" doesn't count as an answer, TS ^^

  3. Spear, you missed the end of his story :) What happened with Buddha, and how he became a saint :)
    Still, a perfect answer ^^

  4. i loled on Spear's answer, how he described it so perfectly ^^

  5. Angulimala described as a ruthless killer who is redeemed by conversion to Buddhism. He was a young student who was commanded by a teacher to offer him 1000 human fingers from the right hand, each taken from a different victim. So the student began murdering passersby and cutting off their fingers. After had murdered 999 people, After he had murdered 999 people, appeared on track Buddha himself, and the boy he chose to kill him instead. He drew his sword, and started running towards the Buddha. But although Angulimala was running as fast as he could, he couldn't catch up Buddha who was walking calmly, and at last became so weak from the exertion that he collapsed. He shouted at the Buddha, “Please stop!” to which the Buddha replied, “I have stopped; would you care to stop as well?”
    Angulimala throw down his sword and knelt before the Buddha. So Buddha blessed him and took him to the monastery, where Angulimala became first a monk, then later a Saint.

  6. A perfect copy/paste from forum :)

  7. well, dj and arici, you got 5 / 3 BEs to get from me :)

  8. Angulimala was a noble who became a serial killer and collected fingers of the people he killed and later stitched them into a garland which he wore around his neck (Angulimala = garland of fingers). He had this weird goal to get 1000 fingers, but he failed to get his last finger, because of twist of fate...good old Buddha interrupted him and after some brain wash he was converted and became a monk. His life didn't become easy after that though, even if he was completely rehabilitated the local people didn't like that he was part of the Buddhist community and thus he was subject to assaults and abuse. Karma is a bitch. But in the end he became Arhat, the one who has attained enlightement. He might have been the last outlaw to become that, because thanks to him Buddha introduced a rule prohibiting the ordination of outlaws.

    I hope I'm not too late with the answer to get 1 BE xD