Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year


Saturday, January 02, 2010

3X EXP Event for the Players during these times:

Bardo 8 Hours 3XP Event (12PM-8PM GMT)
Nirvana 8 Hours 3XP Event (12PM-8PM PST)
Asura 8 Hours 3XP Event (12PM-8PM PST)

5X EXP Event for the Players while The Dark Hermit sets foot for the first time in The Land during these times:

Bardo 5XP 90 minute event is (6:30PM GMT 8PM GMT)
Asura 5XP 90 minute event is (2:30PM PST to 4:00PM PST)
Nirvana 5XP 90 minute event is (2:30PM PST to 4:00PM PST)

(For those of you who do not know, the Dark Hermit is a character that gets to be controlled by the player (or should I say the players who shared an account?) who leveled fastest in a given period of time.

The Dark Hermit's level is supposed to be Immortal 1, which is higher even than the current VGM level or that of the boosted chars from the previous contest. Also, he has the same Venom skill that VGMs have that can be used to kill players instantly and with xp loss, same as death by mob. He is supposed to be the ultimate evil, so will be running around the map randomly making life hard for the players.)

Also, there is a new 40% off promotion in the item mall, in case you missed the 50% off on Christmas.


Since most roars of well wishes go under right now in a sea of caps-locked misspelled happy new years I guess it is in order to make a new post out of it.

Wish you all a much better 2010 and may you achieve as much as possible from what you are striving for. And in the immortal words of Mr. Spock, may you live long and prosper.

For those of you who will spend time online and in game, new has finally been posted on the forums about the New Year's special on this day. There will be "a 2x experience boost event for 24 hours on Friday the 1st January 2010 with special random buffs for the entire server. Have fun. Weekend experience rate will be boosted to 4x."

The start of the xp marathon is at 1 am GMT for Bardo. Personally I am somewhat disappointed, both in the very late notice and the poor xp compared to last year's 3xp and 6x skill xp. However, I suppose it is better than nothing.

Have fun.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Some thoughts on M&D

M&D, short for Master&Disciple is a new system implemented in game by patch 99 (the one that messed up loads of stuff that was working fine and which partly is still messed up). In short, it is supposed to be a mutually benefic relationship between two players in game, one of higher level and a lowbie.

By completing a quest you can earn the title of Master if you are SM1 or above and players lower than that can request to be a disciple. As a class5 Master (the starting point) you can have two disciples. Quests to advance in class are currently bugged, but you can add one more disciple / class of mastership.

As long as both master and disciple are on, they have a series of benefits: disciples get a hp/ve/dmg/ck dmg buff that increases as they grind; the combined kills of master and disciples are counted and reaching a certain amount increases blood count growth; the xp from every 50th killed mob is randomly multiplied; the disciple produces contribution points which can be spend on various M&D items at dedicated NPCs.

That much for the "technical" part of it. Now on to the rambling.

The way I see it and like to believe it was intended, the M&D system was a good way to help lower levels get some advice from veteran players. A master is supposed to be able to guide a disciple's steps in the game. Personally, I think SM1 is too low in the game to be a master, given that the current level cap is PS1. Second role would've been more appropriate.

Secondly, what I see now I people competing for disciples, active ones that can produce contribution points so the masters can buy nice stuff. I know there are quite some out there helping their disciples along... but when I see someone sending a lower level at some weird point of the map to solve a quest and then asking for disciples two minutes later, I can't help but shake my head...

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Under the tree...

... you should find a Dragon Scale and a 1 day premium pill.

Check out the item mall in the 'special' and 'premium' sections. You will find a scale and premium pill at 0 coins - go grab them :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

... or any other holiday you might be celebrating :)

If you will be online the next two days, you may also enjoy the Christmas present to the players from Acclaim. Starting at 1 AM GMT in the morning of the 24th of December, we will have 48 hrs of 3xp event. There will also be random special buffs provided.

Hope you have a great time during the holidays, be it on- or offline :)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town...

If you were wondering what to get yourself for Christmas (don't tell me you haven't), save yourself the trouble and buy Acclaim coins. Check out the Hermit's thread here. They are currently having the best promotion I have seen so far. It started on December 15 and will last until the 1st of January.

You need to buy loads of coins... aside from a bonus in coins (which in itself is already significant), you also get loads and I mean LOADS of goodies for a minimum of 10000 purchased coins. They've put together a nice bonus package of highly wanted item mall stuff:

  • 100 Experience Bonus Cards
  • 12 Dragon Scales
  • 12 Dried Ginseng
  • 12 Blood Essences
  • 12 White Tiger Trigrams
  • 9 Blue Dragon Trigrams
  • 12 Red Phoenix Jade Stones
  • 12 Blue Dragon Jade Stones
  • 1 Blood Bead of Earth

If those xp cards and scales aren't enough to make your mouth water, then at least the Blood Bead should. So, forget about dead ancient Chinese generals to get that precious loot - just spend money for the Acclaim Santa.

Items will be gifted starting with the 1st of January so be prepared for some nerve-wrecking waiting periods - we've had issues with GMs manually adding stuff to accounts before and we know it usually gets delayed and messed up. But I'd say it's worth the hassle.

So... I know what will be lying under my Christmas tree.


After receiving player comments that the Trigrams and Jade Stones would expire upon delivery, coupled with the GM comments that both Howard marks and The Hermit have lost their minds with generosity this season, coupled with multiple delivery problem bug issues that would result from the Stones and Trigrams, we are changing the Bonus Items that accompany this offer. We believe it is actually an improved offer; however, if anyone is truly dissatisfied, and has already bought in and achieved the threshold of 10,000 Coins purchased as of 5:00 PM PSD on 12/17/09 with an overwhelming desire to receive the original offer, it shall be honored. Here is the new offer and I believe most should find it acceptable.

  • 100 Experience Bonus Cards, 100 Item Bonus Cards
  • 50 Blood Siphon Panaceas
  • 50 Spirit Siphon Panaceas
  • 12 Dragon Scales
  • 12 Dried Ginseng
  • 12 Blood Essences
  • 1 White Tiger Trigram
  • 1 Blue Dragon Trigram
  • 1 Red Phoenix Trigram
  • 1 Black Tortoise Trigram
  • 1 Blood Bead of Earth on top!

All Bonus Coins and the additional Bonus Items for 9Dragons will be gifted on 01/01/10.

To receive the Bonus Items you must have 12 Empty Slots reserved in your bag from 12/29 until 01/02. If you have only 11 Empty Slots in your bag the final Item shall not be gifted, and so on. This is the players return responsibility for this offer. Also, if you earn double, triple or above Bonuses, you must leave an additional 5 Empty Slots per Bonus Achieved (since Trigrams and Blood Beads cannot stack in a bag). So, if you achieved 3 Bonuses, you would require 22 Empty Slots in your bag to receive all Items.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Level 2 and 3 maps' mobs and their drops

As promised, I've started working on this part of the list. I've only begun collecting info.
I appreciate the help (band masters already have editing access) to make the list complete. It's much easier to know where to grind to collect the drops for the event collection.

Here's the link: Level 2 maps mobs+drops .
(NB: not included in the drop list are the gold drops, weapon drops, FS/GT/BE, and the Qilin Statues drops since they drop randomly at every mob)

And here's the link to the pending piece of work, the level 3 maps.
Work in progress, edits will be made as it progresses.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Don't lose your account to scammers

I was hoping I didn't have to write this particular post, but it seems it can't be stressed enough. I am assuming that if you are here, you play this game, like it and would like to keep playing for a long time to come. If so, please, please, please do not do do anything that would endanger your account. There are two things that can make you lose your account. One of them is breaking the game rules and have your account banned by Acclaim. The other is to have your account stolen, ending up with nothing at all.

There are several things that can make you lose it either ways. Account sharing, automated buffers and buying in-game items from third party sites are the most common of those. All of these methods involve either giving out your account information or installing some third party software that interacts with the game. Once you have done that, your account is not safe anymore. I cannot repeat this often enough: please do not give out your username and password to anyone. Anyone who is asking you for personal details is breaking the game rules and can be reported.

Reasons invoked could be special offers for you (such as adding gold, items, acclaim coins to your account, helping you level or train your buffs) or people pretending to be from the Acclaim staff. The latter is an utter lie: no one from the staff will ever ask for your password - they do not need it. Usually, the first one is a lie too - it's just people after your accounts.

There are some people who view spammers in Hefei as a mere nuisance for the the chat. They are more than that - they are a peril to your account if you fall for them. They promise easy in game money quite cheap. However, with various third party programs you might install or sites you might access you will usually get more than you bargained for in the form of keyloggers. The site owners will then easily retrieve your personal information without you being aware of it. In chasing fast and easy money, uber-items or high skill levels without work you have actually a high chance of ending up with your character stripped of all gold and items you possess. You will not receive any compensation since it is your own fault that you lost it.

Should you be among the lucky ones who do not get scammed by the goldsellers themselves, you still have a chance of having your account banned and items/gold you've bought removed by the Acclaim staff, since purchasing items from any other source other than the official Item Mall is against their policy.

So, please… if you are the sort of person who would not take into account any moral issues (because honestly, cheating sucks and cheaters are losers, no room to argue here), please, please, please at least think of the security of your account. It would be a shame to lose all that you 'worked' to achieve over some fast extra gold. I doubt it's worth it.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mobs & their drops (starter maps)

"Hey all, can you tell me what mob drops....?"

Seems we keep hearing this question pretty often lately, especially since the collection events started. So now I'll try and compile a list as complete as possible of the mobs on each map, their levels and the items they drop.

Any help is appreciated, especially from leaguemembers who grind in NN, Jinan and ZZ. For the black maps, I'll scrape up all the info I can, and I'm happy that most mobs are the same as those on white maps.

So, here's the first list: mobs on starter maps, sorted according to level, and what they drop.
I have not included gold drop, Qilin Statues, BE's, GT's, weapons or quest item drops.

Please report any mistakes I have made or anything I might have missed while making the list.

Deleting useless quest items

Every once in a while you might find yourself stuck with an item in your bags that you cannot sell to NPCs, delete or drop on the ground. Examples include the earrings from the tutorial, the old pouch if you haven't done the quest with it or the letter of recommendation if you've skipped the EC1-4 pq.

The official way to get rid of those things taking up bag space is to pigeon a VGM and let them know the character name and the name of the item you want to have removed. However, pigeongrams don't always work if the recipient is not online. Also, VGMs have to get hold of a GM to remove the objects as they do not have these rights themselves. So if you do not want to wait, there is also a workaround for that.

For the example below, in order to avoid phrasings such as "first item", "second item" or "the itemthat…", I will use the Old Pouch as te annoying "undeleteable" quest item you want to get rid off and a Cow Patty as a second useless/cheap item.

  • First, place the old pouch and the cow patty next to each other in one of your bags.
  • Then drag the cow patty over the trash bin but DO NOT confirm the deletion.
  • Drag the old pouch over the cow patty in order to switch places between the two.
  • Once they have switched places, CLICK AGAIN on the old pouch. If you skip this step, it will not work.
  • Finally, confirm the deletion with "yes" and the old pouch should be deleted and the cow patty still there.

Just please be careful. Do not try this with a valuable item as it may not come out as expected and you would not want to use something valuable. Try random mob drops, pieces of steel or something similar.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Builds part 2: the recipes

Unproperly titled article, but still.

Hybrids and Healers

For both these roles, you may pick either a melee or a ck build. CK means chi kung and refers to anything related to vital essence, the game's "mana" as opposed to kung fu techniques which rely on physical strength. I've played both roles to a relatively high level but I've never tried ck so I will refrain from making too many remarks about that. The only thing I will say is that for both, it is hard to go ck from a low level because of the drawbacks of the two classes. Nevertheless, there are some great ck hybs and healers out there.

Healers only have two rather weak low level nukes and only gain a third one at FC10. Hybrids have quite some nukes to choose from, including one that paralyses the target which always come in handy and they are the only class apart from nukers who have a ck aoe attack (area of effect, that is). However, wisdom is the hybs' penalty stat costing them double the chi points, which hurts when you go ck. So I'd say if you're not in for mind boggling stat mathematics and seeking out strong sensations at low levels, leave the ck build at least until you get the free 2nd role restat at EC6. Hybrids from the League of Beggars are at an advantage here as they are the only clan for which one particular nuke works as it should, reducing the target's defense and allowing them for nice damage even at lower levels.

So, that leaves us with the melee build.

The cookie cutter build states as follows: ess, wis and con for relics, dex for your weapon, rest of points go to str. Relics in this case refers to the karma relics for various levels in game (blue and red stones, depending on whether they require good or bad karma to use) which have some stat requirements. Translated, that recommendation reads 10 points at RC, 12 points at FD and 14 points at EC.

Also this build stems from the "old days" when [New] and Blood Dragon (BD) weapons were not released. Old weapons have in general much lower dexterity requirements as well as lower damage range. So following the cookie cutter build back that would get your hyb / healer to the pre-2nd role maximum of 250 stat points at mid-high SM. A nice, but in my personal view pretty useless achievement.

Plainly put, melee damage for healers and hybrids sucks. Skill damage sucks, weapon damage sucks and those fast extra points won't make much of a difference. As said, personal point of view and if that low ess and con don't bother you, by all means, go for it. Of course, you can make up for it with con/ess relics. At RL12 you can wear hp returning hats and at FD12 the ve leech ones. Also, you should always keep your buffs and heals to the cap and grind with them - that goes without saying.

Personally, I am lazy. I do not like to cast a heal upon myself after every mob save when I train it, nor do I like to med every 10 mobs because my ve is running low. So I leave wis at relic requirements (you only need wis if you extensively use nukes) but do throw in some extra points in ess and con, even bearing in mind that constitution is the healers' penalty stat. I do like comfortable grinding even if that means only maxing my str at GB levels.

That being said, I start out with 20-25 ess and con, depending on class. If I really feel I need it, I tweak them some more on the way but I usually don't worry about them anymore until EC levels when I take them into the 30s with the FC pq in mind. Especially if you are not a premium user and do not benefit from the extra +25 stat points the cavity press gives, some more con is in order when those dungeon bosses keep stripping you of every buff, including heals and throw some silence to top it off.

Keep your dex decent. Loads of misses and few crits won't help you grind faster. I'd say any str-dex ratio of 3:1 to 2:1 would be ok, it is up to you really. Again, tweaking along the way usually does it. Try to keep that annoying message about weapon durability off your screen - you don't only get it from not meeting the level but also not meeting the stats. Apart from needing repair more often and some damage penalty, it also keeps you from taking in ew pills, kg or any other stuff like that while it is on screen. Again, it is not a must.


Now, while my hyb and healer have a decent level, my warrior and nuker don't. Any kind of input to this topic is more than welcome (not that for hyb or healer it isn't).

Again, cookie cutter build says ess and wis for relics, con to grind comfortably (whatever that means to you) , dex for weapon, max str as soon as possible. The situation sort of changes in the Ice map (GL levels upwards or CS if you like adrenaline) and dex becomes more important.

Def clothes (as high as possible) and dodge ornaments on your clothes (ideally, you could get as much as 440 dodge packed on a deco alone; add shoes and wristbands with 220 more each and it makes some nice dodge there) as well as hp leech from hat, epithets (you don't get that until Icy and they also need unsealing) and weapons are nice things to have as a warrior but they can get expensive. You can wear the 1/1000 hp leech hat starting from RL12. The RL and GB Wan Daye weapons have nice hp leech among other stat boosts and the EC WD offers 320 extra def so those are nice to have. Other good choices are slotted BD weapons - the more slots the better. The two main things I'd personally recommend for the slots are 10% crit nuggets and hp leech - the proportion of which depending largely on the map you're on and the money you have to spend.

With decent hp leech on the weapon you can switch to the FD12 ve hat to save some more meditation time. Otherwise, build essence from relics as it is the warrior's penalty stat. You don't have nukes so leave wis at relic requirement indeed. Now comes the fun part.

What I did on my warrior, was throw in 15 ess and wis - that means I won't ever touch those stats again as I'm covered up to EC relic requirement. Of course you can raise them on the way there, but I usually forget so I get a load off my mind. And I like round or half-round numbers hence the 15 instead of 14. We all have our whims and fads. :)

The for con... I love con. I love healthy hp. So what I do is raise con with 10 points for every level set in game. I add points to the stat at ch12 and ch1 of each level set. That will get my warrior to 100 con points at EC1.

As for dex and str, I do follow weapon requirement, only that I go with the BD weapons that ask for a lot of dex. So my two little warriors have an almost 1:1 str-dex ratio and I don't really have any complaints while grinding. With buffs it's actually smooth even on the one who doesn't have a RL WD weapon and I do not use premium on that account.


And now to my least favourite build (and class, for that matter). I have quite little to say about nukers. My little one is GB8 and I have had a very smooth and fast grind without any ultra-expensive gear. I've used classical speed clothes until FD12 when I changed to def set from the cave hawker, cheap ck dmg wristbands (or speed), 10%, 15% and 20% speed boots, speed hat (changed that to the halloween one as it also gives some extra stats) or ar hat. I've recently made him GB WD bracers using the elixirs from completing the collections.

Strength is the nukers' penalty stat and they don't really need dex as mobs shouldn't come close (or so the classical view says - I've seen nukers standing toe to toe with mobs or even grinding melee with EC WD weapons so nothing's impossible). Thus, I've left those at 15 (yes, my whims again) and I've thrown in 25 con for the heck of it. I used BD bracer requirements as a guide to get ess and wis up and when those were fulfilled, I threw all the remaining points into wis.

I plan to keep it this way as even at FD-GB levels without 2nd role skills the grind was much faster than on any melee char I've played. Maxed buffs and shields (ok, ok, I admit, my ve shield is still ch6 but I do not use that for grinding) go without saying and the only times I ever died was by a guard in HZ when getting my Yellow Dragon epi and from the ranged high EC mobs in NN when I went sightseeing.


So, that was about it on my part. Again, any input is welcome. And again, all this stuff refers to PVE only. Leave it, take it, use it, tweak it to your convenience and... how was that? May the seeds of the dragon within you thrive.

Builds part 1: where do Chi Points go?

One of the most frequent questions that arises from players is "where do I put my Chi Points now?". Whether it's a new player trying to build up a character or an old player trying out a different build or role, that decision must be faced at every level-up.

This here is by no means meant to be an exhaustive guide about builds - it couldn't possibly be nor would I want it to. It just contains some general guidelines that might give you an idea to start with and my two cents about it. After all, half the fun in the game is exploring and trying out things and this includes your own personalised build.

Two more things before starting out on the builds themselves: first, all of this is PVE-related only. Apart from playing a bit around BP on a RL warrior, I haven't done any PVP, nor do I plan to start anytime soon, so I will not go into what. Second of all, build is not everything. Equipment (clothes, relics, weapons) plays a major role. Then, there are several other things to consider such as elixirs, buffs or whether you are a premium user or not.

Most of the players asking for tips on a build expect a good-for-all recipe answering the questions "How do I distribute the points when I choose the role?" and "Where do I put points when I level up?". Sadly (or luckily), there is no such a miracle recipe. One build for a class can't really cover all situations, all playing styles and would be really wasted if the player didn't understand the pros, cons and why's behind the various builds. So I'm afraid more general information is needed, like it or not.

The Roles

The first moment when you actually have to seriously consider how you want to distribute your chi points is when choosing a role (unless you decide to play a vagabond, which is a different business). While the level required for joining varies from clan to clan, all of them offer you the possibility to choose your role at OC1 upon completing a quest.

The are four different roles in 9Dragons:

  1. warrior, the primary melee role focusing on powerful attacks
  2. nuker (caster or chi kung artist), the class with powerful ranged "magic" attacks
  3. healer (or strategist), the main buffer of the game, though mediocre melee / ranged abilities
  4. hybrid, who learns a bit of everything (melee same as healer, similar heals, different buffs, more nukes than a healer but less powerful than a nuker)

I am not an adept of recommending clans or roles to players. Any recommendation of "this clan/role is the best" is both relative and subjective. Various roles suit various playing styles, different clans appeal to different players. The only recommendation I'd make is to make a character that you will still enjoy playing as time goes by. Once you get a hang of the game, try out clans and roles until you find the combination that you like best.

The Attributes

Once you choose your role, you have the option to reset your chi points to the initial 8 for every stat and redistribute them as you wish. I recommend doing that, unless you are really, really sure you have the right build for your role.

Should you mess this up, you have one free restat in your clan base that you can use any time before you reach FD - just look up the correct NPC. You may want to change your role completely or to pick the same role and just get a restat of your chi.

At EC6, when you reach 2nd role, you get another restat in your clan base, like it or not. This comes in handy as the maximum amount of chi points that you can invest in one particular stat grows from 250 to 300 so might want to rearrange.

Then, you can restat 3 times in Hefei with the help of a Road to Enlightenment quest from the girl by the well. I'd recommend saving those restats for higher levels, you never know when you may need them. The third time you do the quest, you also get a mastery restat but that's that then.

Once these 5 opportunities are exhausted, the only option you are left with is buying chakra purge from the item mall, which is costly and can be avoided. If you messed up really bad there is also a mastery restat there.

Back to where to put points then. Chi Points can be distributed to five attributes: strength (str), essence (ess), wisdom (wis), constitution (con) and dexterity (dex). These influence various "numbers" in game - either by themselves or in combination - such as health amount, vital energy amount, crit rate, dodge, attack rating, defense etc.

There are two things to keep in mind:

First, each role has a so called penalty stat, meaning that in order to raise that attribute by one point, you have to spend two actual points.

Secondly, the mathematics behind how the attributes influence the various stats varies from role to role. You can find a detailed spreadsheet of how the different roles benefit from the same amount of distributed chi points made by RedCross from the Disconnected Hero League here.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

It's that time again...

... when the Imperial Emperor calls upon the warriors of the Land to help out those in need.

Congrats to all those who leveled during this weekend's 5xp event - some braving the constant LD map crashes or the dreaded errorcode -1. If someone doesn't know yet, we've had 4 hours of 5xp on each of these two days (extended, too) because Bardo has managed to complete 100% of the task it was set last week during the Collection Event.

So, if you've enjoyed it and want it again, it's time to work and earn our xp. In other words, Collection Event time again. The first list has been posted on the forums. At first glance, there is nothing impossible on it. Golden Cases are a bit of a rare drop. The Madman mobs in Mount Yanmo close to the Hefei exit drop those. However, bandits in Shi Zhang and Zhengzhou also do, though as said, it's a rare drop. The rest of the list should pose no problems at all as the drops are fairly easy to get with a char of the right level.

If you feel like lending us all a hand, below is the list and the link to the spreadsheet with real time completion percentage. Remember, even if you don't have a character that can collect, buffs of any sort as well as heals are greatly appreciated by the farmers.
  • Bear Paw - any bears in Shi Zhang, Zhengzhou, Jinan and Datong
  • Golden Case - as stated above, Madmen in Mt. Yanmo and bandits in SZ/ZZ
  • Sorcerer's Cane - sorcerers of any type in Nanchang / Hangzhou
  • Giant Spider Shell - tarantulas in SZ/ZZ
  • Iron Nugget - iron coin mobs in NN/HZ
  • Blunt Axe - axeman in NN/HZ
  • Skeleton Talisman of Beast Clan - sorceress mobs in NN/HZ
  • Golden Belt - blind [weapon] demon troopers in the valley of hell in Jinan/Datong (tnx, bizt)
  • Plate of Iron Coin - iron coin mobs in NN/HZ
  • Red Fox Skins - foxes, obviously (SZ/ZZ)
  • Copper Nugget - bronze coin mobs in NN/HZ
  • Silk - blind madmen as well as some other mobs, such as crippled demons or the blind weapon ones
  • Silk Pouch - brigands and such, as well as some quest mob such as the brigand for the tribute goods quest, mountain flower and moutain king for the RL quest etc.

North Sea Plates and Conqueror's Herbs were completed within 1-2 hours already.

Click here for the spreadsheet with % of completion, notices, updates etc.

Blood Dragon Weapons

Yes, it's everyone's second favourite weapon type (don't tell me you wouldn't rather have hermit, I won't believe you). Some while ago I started a new char. I knew that the [New] and Blood Dragon weapons had different stat requirements and wanted to try out the build that went with them, but didn't know at OC when I got my role how exactly those requirements looked like.

So I've started putting together the table below, which lists stat requirements as well as damage for the BD weps of every level. Hermit ones are the same and as far as I know, those weapons with funny names too - like Heaven's Secret, Emperor's Majesty and so on. The table is still not complete, mind you, but it will give you at least a general idea.

As usual, just click on the image to enlarge. Will try to complete it as soon as possible and I will leave it here. Also, I'll try posting the other guides I've made, though some of them were just on-the-spot indications, like a compiled list of all the texts required to be entered for various quests that some players seem to have a problem with.

That's because Acclaim 'tweaked' the forums again and my account is among the ones gone missing along with all the posts. I still have the hope that when the accounts are restored, so will be the threads, since this time it was Phew who's done it and I do credit that guy with brains.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Where is that darn quest mob?

Since the official 9D forums keep crashing, despite of the lovely cleaning attempt that has left the tips and guides section sort of empty, I thought I'd post here some of the quest guides in a nutshell in the form of maps upon which the location of the various quest mobs is located. The little dots are color-coded the same as in game for RTD, RTE, RTK quests, the legend is on the right, bla bla. Click on the image to enlarge.

If the question on your mind is "where to grind?" or "where is the mob that drops a certain item?" (*keeps hoping for collection quest farmers*), below you will find the mob maps. The areas covered by a certain type of mob are marked thereupon, color coded with the name of the mob on the right and there's also the level range of those mobs.

Since some of us also have black chars and since we aren't racist anyway, below are the links to the same type of maps for Shi Zhang, Datong and Hangzhou. Well, Hangzhou doesn't have a mob map yet, I didn't get around to finish it. Yes, I am lazy.

Shi Zhang quests
Datong quests
Hangzhou quests

Shi Zhang mobs
Datong mobs
Hangzhou mobs

And when the laziness wears off, I'll get going on finishing the Liaodong and Icy maps. Scouts honor.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Another big grats!

Well, seems like Bardo will have 4 hours 5xp tomorrow. Big thanks to everyone who contributed, thanks to our friends from the black side who took time to gather the remaining resources, thanks to Arashi (who's still our Humble [Band]Master and will not blow her own horn on this) for throwing in some drop cards for the last batch of Bronze Coins and leveling on light blue mobs to collect the stuff (73 of the last collectibles were gathered with her char this afternoon).

Thanks also to last night's sleepless party who now hates the sound of "leather sacks". We finished the collection after Nirvana, but it looks like when there's a common goal, some people are still willing to take time and effort and overlook their little issues and work together.

Tomorrow's event will start at 3 p.m. GMT.

Today's Hefei event was also fun, for those who couldn't log in, Ravenclaw spawned lots of bosses from Knife of White Shadows, mansion/WT bosses to the nukers' favorite TGW. At some point even our leaguemates met their death after walking into a tight spot where the Shen Mo clones were gathered along with their minis.

Raven also mentioned something about balancing the classes in the near future, something about the difference being a fine red line (sorry, I'm not great at quoting). It remains to be seen how much wishful thinking and how much real info there was in that.

With big thanks to everyone who contributed to tomorrow's event, have fun and happy leveling.
Squirrel, over and out.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Way to go, Restless. The dreaded Leather Sacks for the Collection quest are now complete and around 350 of the 1000 are ours.

Items still needed are gunpowder (anyone got low RC chars on the black side?), cracked iron core wood (FD3 and FD11 mixed mobs after Tiantan for the white side), platinum nuggets (high GB mobs in the GC courtyard but easy drops) and plate of bronze coins which turned out to be this list's problem child. Any bronze coin archer or head of bronze coin in Nanchang/Hangzhou drops them, but the drop is rather rare and you'll be better off with a melee char as all the bronze mobs are ranged.

I'm pretty sure Bardo could complete the list or at least score really high. We have done a nice share of it, so I hope you all enjoy the boosted events this weekend, they were hard earned on (mostly) our alts :)

Rules and Regulations

Yeah, my favourite part. Seems we've wound up with a league, seems Arashi's advertising us in her signature, so we have to say something about ourselves, right?

There's really not that much to say: we're 10 people (or that's where my count stopped) and our alts. Some of our newest members have been duped somehow to join the league, so we've added a few guys and gals who have just started playing. Mostly, leaguechat is fun to read during the evenings and during event times, when most of us are online.

We aren't trying to conquer the world (you'll see why below), we're not trying to rule or pwn Bardo, we rarely set foot in BP, and if we do we don't stay long, and we're happy that way. For the time being, and probably the mid-long-term future we're not interested in the Fortress, BvW war and all that jazz. We're still having fun grinding, doing dungeon runs (courtesy of our Masters and Sub-Masters), epi runs and so on.

The few people we've recruited are either friends or people who've come recommended by trusted friends. They were invited using very few simple criteriae:
1. They're friendly.
2. They're not known for their inflamable personalities and are not known to lash out saying things people would normally not say in a church.
3. They aren't known for breaking the game rules (yeah, we kinda care about that, no matter how sucky the xp rate is or how inbalanced the damage system is and so on).
4. Even if they're low levels, they have the good will or common sense to either offer help (which everyone would graciously decline most of the time) or say "please" and "thank you".
5. Last, but not least, they can speak in a coherent way. Grammar is not obsolete, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So now, we're getting to the serious part (and my personal favourite, as i already said): rules and regulations.
I'll only state them for "-less", I'll leave it to the other bands' leaders to come up with their own set.

1. To join "-less" one needs to be a rodent. If one does not posses a rodent in game name, one must think of an adequate nickname. The rodents currently taken are: chinchilla, hedgehog, sugar-glider (google it, don't ask), mouse, racoon (I know it's not a rodent, but it's furry and striped, so we'll turn a blind eye), squirrel (that would be yours truly), cobra (natural enemy, yes, but he slithered in). For a short while we also had a ferret, but he decided to start his own band. Cya in league chat, ferret-face!
2. To join "-less" one needs to come highly recommended. We're not fans of this sort of practice in real life, but it's a good selection in game. We're common-sense fascists, so to say, so someone must put his neck on the stake that you're not gonna roar-spam or start swearing in BP.
3. We're currently the only nuker-less band, but it's not a rule. It just so happens that we haven't found some nice smurf rodent nukers until now.
4. You must not scam, hack, cheat, abuse game bugs or grief other players.
5. We don't, on the rare occasions we go to a pk map, "clean" safe zones or make griefing raids, nor do we pk in CC unless it's in self defense (and that's usually suicidal self defence, see article 4) or the defense of a league mate/lowbie friend being attacked in those areas. We think pking CC grinders is well...retarted.
6. Please squeak a rodent "hello" in bandchat when you come online. And bring some cheese, we like it.

These being said, I'm hitting the sack, it's past a squirrel's bedtime, and bid you a fun see-ya-soon!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

2nd Collection List

The second Collection list has been published. You can view the needed items as well as check on real-time updates here.

Items needed to be collected until Friday:

  • Red Fox Tails - red foxes in shi zhang and zhengzhou
  • Wooden Flute - twin brutes as well as some mobs in the valley of hell
  • Gunpowder - only in shi zhang, from poison archers near tanshang ferry
  • Strange Stone - bai wu chang mob, loads in shi zhang, some in zhengzhou at twin dragons
  • Snowman's Fur - snowman dudes in icy
  • Strong Venom - zombies - get these at sm levels during pq (nearly complete)
  • Cracked Iron-cored Wood - crippled demon mobs in jinan and datong
  • Leopard Skin - leopards in shi zhang and zhengzhou
  • Leather Sack (from the 1st list) - confucianists in shi zhang and zhengzhou, we still need about 300
  • Plate of Silver Coin - any silver coin mobs in nanchang or hangzhou
  • A Secret Letter of Yakumo - rare liaodong drop needed for GC passes of any color; probably the item that in the end will prevent achieving 100% completion of the list
  • Platinum Nugget - from the spear ladies in the courtyard of GC in hangzhou
  • Buddhist Beads - any monks in shi zhang, zhengzhou, jinan or datong
  • Plate of Bronze Coins - bronze coin mobs in nanchang or hangzhou, pretty rare drop

VoH passes were also on the list, but Bardo is the only server that has completed those at first attempt. Good luck and a big thank you to those collecting and donating items :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

9D Collection Event

Please check out what items are needed for this week's collection event. Let's try to earn ourselves a 5xp weekend event.

List here