Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Dogs of Lore

Where: "Tomb of Lord Bao" in the northern section of Hefei.
Sunday July 25th
Bardo: 7:30pm GMT

Nirvana: 7:30pm PST

Asura: 2:30pm PST

I was just thinking...let's make a team, combined from Restless and DC Leagues, jus to beat every other competitors. What do u think about that? 

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bardo VGMs

Has anyone noticed the increased presence of VGMs on Bardo? Only today during the event, there were at least 3 VGMs online. I would like to be optimistic today and hope this is Hypatia's doing, keeping his/her team in check. If so, (s)he's started on the right track as Bardo VGM lead, not to mention (s)he's present a lot as well, unlike our former invisible VGM lead. I can only hope this keeps up in the future and that the enthusiasm of the new VGMs won't sink over time. (I still maintain that someone should counsel them regarding the VGM nicks they choose, especially on Bardo since we seem to tend to be the server with the pickiest population :)) ).

Friday, 16 July 2010

The Quiz

Hiya all! Some of you might already know that ill be leaving 9D and moving on to other things.
Before i leave here´s a little quiz for you good rodents and mammals. Take it as a fun thing, not a race or a task. All participants will receive rewards ingame and top3 will get 50 low GT and 10 BE. Also try to answer all the questions, if you have no idea of the correct answer be creative and funny. =P Special rewards for laughters. ^^

Take your time answering there is no hurry. For the last question you need me, so ill be on every now and then. PM me, whisper me, send message on FB or tell people ingame if im not present and ill try to crawl in. =)



Monday, 12 July 2010

New Forum Rules

I know that when you combine MMORPG players and the anonymity that Internet forums provide, you get a lot of bold, often obnoxious talk.
This board is here to discuss 9Dragons. We are happy for our players to post their opinions, even if they are sometimes (or often) negative.
Lately, it seems like the flaming and off-topic posting has risen to a new high. We will be vigorously enforcing the Acclaim Rules of Conduct and the board rules. That means warnings for flames, off-topic posts, and dupes/reposting locked topics. Three warnings equals a 30-day ban.
And we're going to start doing something we haven't done before. Which is use the moderation queue. If you've been banned, when you come back, we put you in there. All your posts need to be approved by a moderator before appearing.
We don't want to do this, but we also don't want to have this devolve into a place where civil discussion is no longer possible. This doesn't mean that you can't state your opinion -- just that you have to learn to do so in a constructive fashion, without resorting to being off-topic or personal attacks.

In my opinion it's not more than "Shut up or you won't be able to post anymore". This will be the @ss kissers heaven. Enjoy! (if u can...)

P.S. As always, i couldn't keep my fingers out of it, and i have made a thread on the forum. I wonder how long it will takes untill i'll get that 30-days ban.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Collection Quest List

I want to congratulate my second-favourite vgm (still has a stretch to cover before reaching Kami high in my favours) turned loremaster (for some obscure reason) for the worst collection quest list ever, in matter of asked drops and of spread throughout maps.

Fox Tail - doesn't drop
Tobacco Leaf - clan base drop
Bear's Gall - NC/HZ drop
Buddhist Beads - zz/sz and jinan/datong drop
Fiber Rope - NC/HZ drop, pass material for mansion/wild tower
Water Herbs - dungeon chest drop
Wooden Flute - zz/sz drop (jinan/datong too, though more seldom and ppl usually don't grind on voh mobs)
Molar Tooth Elephant - icy drop from specific mobs, srs pass material
Snowman's Fur - icy drop from specific mobs, srs pass material
A Piece of Red Clothes - ld drop, gc/bt pass material
Plate of North Sea - icy drop,srs pass material
Plate of Bloody Shadows - tibet drop
Antler - icy drop from specific mobs, srs pass material
Sorcerer's Amulet - ld drop, gc/bt pass material
Jade Stone - tibet drop

So... 2 Tibet drops, all icy drops, all ld drops. Tibet drops controversy has been going on for some while, the drop rate is about as bad as broken arrows if not worse and moreover, no one knows yet what the drops are for - could be item collections or maybe pass collections for the ice palace dungeon. All Icy and LD drops are actually pass materials for either SrS or GC which is the main source of income for HM-PS players (I mean those who don't buy gold from sellers or sell item mall stuff).

From the 2 drops of NN/HZ (actually the maps with the greatest drop variety), one is high GB and the other one mid SM and guess what - pass materials for the mid-level dungeons, also required for the FC party quests.

Two drops from the lvl1 and 2 maps: buddhist beads and wooden flutes (again, loads of drops possible from those maps). One drop from clan base maps, the tobacco leaves. I haven't seen fox tails in ages - neither from clan base foxes, nor from the ones in sz/zz. Fox hairs, fox skins, yes. But no tails. And water herbs for which you'd have to go in the dungeons for which the pass materials are required as a donation.

The message to me reads "less dungeon runs for you, folks". Add to that the 10 billion gold sink and you'll have a too late fix for an out of control economy that should've never ever gotten to this point. Also, since rewards are being given out, it doesn't really help low level players get a footing into the game as the others offered the possibility - there's almost no drops they can donate in exchange for BEs.