Friday, 16 July 2010

The Quiz

Hiya all! Some of you might already know that ill be leaving 9D and moving on to other things.
Before i leave here´s a little quiz for you good rodents and mammals. Take it as a fun thing, not a race or a task. All participants will receive rewards ingame and top3 will get 50 low GT and 10 BE. Also try to answer all the questions, if you have no idea of the correct answer be creative and funny. =P Special rewards for laughters. ^^

Take your time answering there is no hurry. For the last question you need me, so ill be on every now and then. PM me, whisper me, send message on FB or tell people ingame if im not present and ill try to crawl in. =)



  1. When will u give me my GT n BEs :)

  2. Ooo I forgot them in LD, sorry. =/
    Theyre still there in the bridge didnt you pick em up? o.O

    So you want correct answer GT/BE or GT/BE that you would get if I sum up all of your answers?

  3. Not sure what this means :)
    So i just wanna know if there is any chance i would get the prize that u said i am entitled to.

  4. That´s what I was asking. =) If you´re online tomorrow in Lucky Cricket I´ll give it to you before or after it? Deal?

    P.S. You got the vaga-spot totally wrong. ^^

  5. Deal :)

    PS: Well there were lots of question and i thought that place might be a white clan one so din think much :D