Monday, 12 July 2010

New Forum Rules

I know that when you combine MMORPG players and the anonymity that Internet forums provide, you get a lot of bold, often obnoxious talk.
This board is here to discuss 9Dragons. We are happy for our players to post their opinions, even if they are sometimes (or often) negative.
Lately, it seems like the flaming and off-topic posting has risen to a new high. We will be vigorously enforcing the Acclaim Rules of Conduct and the board rules. That means warnings for flames, off-topic posts, and dupes/reposting locked topics. Three warnings equals a 30-day ban.
And we're going to start doing something we haven't done before. Which is use the moderation queue. If you've been banned, when you come back, we put you in there. All your posts need to be approved by a moderator before appearing.
We don't want to do this, but we also don't want to have this devolve into a place where civil discussion is no longer possible. This doesn't mean that you can't state your opinion -- just that you have to learn to do so in a constructive fashion, without resorting to being off-topic or personal attacks.

In my opinion it's not more than "Shut up or you won't be able to post anymore". This will be the @ss kissers heaven. Enjoy! (if u can...)

P.S. As always, i couldn't keep my fingers out of it, and i have made a thread on the forum. I wonder how long it will takes untill i'll get that 30-days ban.


  1. Bloom, something you have to keep in mind is that the warning and banning were already there. They have included the moderation alone. Those who are going to flame, will create dummy ids to flame and then move onto other ids as the ids get blocked. so, this move does not do much harm or benefit anyone

  2. So if we get a little vocal we get banned at the mercy of the mods... this wouldn't be a problem if the mods have more then 16 yo... can't rem ember the name but when they posted something so true they made it disappear in a few minutes... typically Acclaim when they have too many negative comments they start to censor.

  3. Eric, actually it does. Because you will not be able to post something unless they like your post. Check again the behaviour of some mods, to see why i said that.

  4. Maybe you should check our blog and have some fun when comes to moderators & acclaim team.

    Below, in the article you have lots of links :

    As for Smoothru is not the first time:

    And the last one from vennus :

  5. That war can not be won due the one single fact. Fugen. He gave draken a free hand, at picking and managing the mods and forum. Doesn't matter what you say, she will kiss Fugen ass and he will do as she says. Even some VGMs and GMs are in conflict with them (draken, smooth, atticus). And the new mods, are the Artists team.

  6. Anonymous, the "war", as u like to call it, it's not a war. But it will end with a victory. Players victory.

  7. And sedbona, our blog has nothing to do with yours. Not even my discussion with Smooth or the forum thread. Different things, different way of thinking. Do NOT link our blog with your personal war.
    And that's just an advice

  8. ... I would however appreciate it if you kept your obsessive anti-Acclaim-at-all-costs campaign to your own blog. This is not what this blog is about.

  9. Maybe you are right Bloom. But, for one, I would be happy if I am forum banned. Would lead me to other games. :P