Sunday, 13 December 2009

Blood Dragon Weapons

Yes, it's everyone's second favourite weapon type (don't tell me you wouldn't rather have hermit, I won't believe you). Some while ago I started a new char. I knew that the [New] and Blood Dragon weapons had different stat requirements and wanted to try out the build that went with them, but didn't know at OC when I got my role how exactly those requirements looked like.

So I've started putting together the table below, which lists stat requirements as well as damage for the BD weps of every level. Hermit ones are the same and as far as I know, those weapons with funny names too - like Heaven's Secret, Emperor's Majesty and so on. The table is still not complete, mind you, but it will give you at least a general idea.

As usual, just click on the image to enlarge. Will try to complete it as soon as possible and I will leave it here. Also, I'll try posting the other guides I've made, though some of them were just on-the-spot indications, like a compiled list of all the texts required to be entered for various quests that some players seem to have a problem with.

That's because Acclaim 'tweaked' the forums again and my account is among the ones gone missing along with all the posts. I still have the hope that when the accounts are restored, so will be the threads, since this time it was Phew who's done it and I do credit that guy with brains.

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