Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year


Saturday, January 02, 2010

3X EXP Event for the Players during these times:

Bardo 8 Hours 3XP Event (12PM-8PM GMT)
Nirvana 8 Hours 3XP Event (12PM-8PM PST)
Asura 8 Hours 3XP Event (12PM-8PM PST)

5X EXP Event for the Players while The Dark Hermit sets foot for the first time in The Land during these times:

Bardo 5XP 90 minute event is (6:30PM GMT 8PM GMT)
Asura 5XP 90 minute event is (2:30PM PST to 4:00PM PST)
Nirvana 5XP 90 minute event is (2:30PM PST to 4:00PM PST)

(For those of you who do not know, the Dark Hermit is a character that gets to be controlled by the player (or should I say the players who shared an account?) who leveled fastest in a given period of time.

The Dark Hermit's level is supposed to be Immortal 1, which is higher even than the current VGM level or that of the boosted chars from the previous contest. Also, he has the same Venom skill that VGMs have that can be used to kill players instantly and with xp loss, same as death by mob. He is supposed to be the ultimate evil, so will be running around the map randomly making life hard for the players.)

Also, there is a new 40% off promotion in the item mall, in case you missed the 50% off on Christmas.


Since most roars of well wishes go under right now in a sea of caps-locked misspelled happy new years I guess it is in order to make a new post out of it.

Wish you all a much better 2010 and may you achieve as much as possible from what you are striving for. And in the immortal words of Mr. Spock, may you live long and prosper.

For those of you who will spend time online and in game, new has finally been posted on the forums about the New Year's special on this day. There will be "a 2x experience boost event for 24 hours on Friday the 1st January 2010 with special random buffs for the entire server. Have fun. Weekend experience rate will be boosted to 4x."

The start of the xp marathon is at 1 am GMT for Bardo. Personally I am somewhat disappointed, both in the very late notice and the poor xp compared to last year's 3xp and 6x skill xp. However, I suppose it is better than nothing.

Have fun.

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  1. can any1 tell me what happened to disconnected league ???