Thursday, 10 December 2009

Rules and Regulations

Yeah, my favourite part. Seems we've wound up with a league, seems Arashi's advertising us in her signature, so we have to say something about ourselves, right?

There's really not that much to say: we're 10 people (or that's where my count stopped) and our alts. Some of our newest members have been duped somehow to join the league, so we've added a few guys and gals who have just started playing. Mostly, leaguechat is fun to read during the evenings and during event times, when most of us are online.

We aren't trying to conquer the world (you'll see why below), we're not trying to rule or pwn Bardo, we rarely set foot in BP, and if we do we don't stay long, and we're happy that way. For the time being, and probably the mid-long-term future we're not interested in the Fortress, BvW war and all that jazz. We're still having fun grinding, doing dungeon runs (courtesy of our Masters and Sub-Masters), epi runs and so on.

The few people we've recruited are either friends or people who've come recommended by trusted friends. They were invited using very few simple criteriae:
1. They're friendly.
2. They're not known for their inflamable personalities and are not known to lash out saying things people would normally not say in a church.
3. They aren't known for breaking the game rules (yeah, we kinda care about that, no matter how sucky the xp rate is or how inbalanced the damage system is and so on).
4. Even if they're low levels, they have the good will or common sense to either offer help (which everyone would graciously decline most of the time) or say "please" and "thank you".
5. Last, but not least, they can speak in a coherent way. Grammar is not obsolete, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So now, we're getting to the serious part (and my personal favourite, as i already said): rules and regulations.
I'll only state them for "-less", I'll leave it to the other bands' leaders to come up with their own set.

1. To join "-less" one needs to be a rodent. If one does not posses a rodent in game name, one must think of an adequate nickname. The rodents currently taken are: chinchilla, hedgehog, sugar-glider (google it, don't ask), mouse, racoon (I know it's not a rodent, but it's furry and striped, so we'll turn a blind eye), squirrel (that would be yours truly), cobra (natural enemy, yes, but he slithered in). For a short while we also had a ferret, but he decided to start his own band. Cya in league chat, ferret-face!
2. To join "-less" one needs to come highly recommended. We're not fans of this sort of practice in real life, but it's a good selection in game. We're common-sense fascists, so to say, so someone must put his neck on the stake that you're not gonna roar-spam or start swearing in BP.
3. We're currently the only nuker-less band, but it's not a rule. It just so happens that we haven't found some nice smurf rodent nukers until now.
4. You must not scam, hack, cheat, abuse game bugs or grief other players.
5. We don't, on the rare occasions we go to a pk map, "clean" safe zones or make griefing raids, nor do we pk in CC unless it's in self defense (and that's usually suicidal self defence, see article 4) or the defense of a league mate/lowbie friend being attacked in those areas. We think pking CC grinders is well...retarted.
6. Please squeak a rodent "hello" in bandchat when you come online. And bring some cheese, we like it.

These being said, I'm hitting the sack, it's past a squirrel's bedtime, and bid you a fun see-ya-soon!


  1. the ferret is actually a honorific gerbil >.<

  2. Can we settle for a Gerret then?

  3. :O

    Arashi is a girl?

    huba huba huba ^^

  4. lol, why is arashi's gender such a dillema?

  5. O_o
    for who? it sure ain't for me. lol.

  6. arashi's one of the nicest persons ive met ^^

    anyway, 2 male chars xD

    what gives :p

    well doesnt matter


    (yeh i know stupid name - cant change it -,-)

  7. I i'm not a rodent? Well, i'm not, but i can be the first racoon rodent ever :D

  8. awwww *blushes*
    thank you.
    but make that three male, three female and three donkeys :))

  9. Btw, arashi, what's with the tiger avatar? you should have a chinchilla!