Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Restless and the Dogs of Lore

Well, we did it again ^^

This time, at Dogs of Lore contest we had a special prize, the new Raising Dragon Wardrobe. Permanent deco for top 1-3 and 30 days deco for top 4-9.

With great help from chinchi, who got 2nd place and against all ods (because of my dc's), Restless was on 2nd and 3rd place ^^. And a 30 days deco for tali. Still, squirell wasn't there, so that's all we had :)) (i'm not counting bizt as a Restless member, he played with his vaga)

This time, on Bardo, no pvp-er got that deco, wich is 10k coins in IM O_o. I wonder why...
And as a side note, Restless rulls :D We aren't 1st league in PvP, but we are the best in any quiz/quests contest :D

Here is the list from Bardo:
[-Asura-] - 35
- 27 (chinchilla)
MISTyKA - 27 (raccoon)
- 24
- 20
- 15
- 15
- 14
- 14 (crazy tali) ^^
- 13
- 13

Grats chinchi, you did it again ^^

And just for the record, so u can see why my point, here it is ^^
Dogs of Lore contests
1st round:
Arashi_Tora on 1st place (highest score from all servers)
MrBlooM on 6th.

2nd round
chinchilla on 1st place, that topic was deleted.
raccoon on 5th or 6th

3rd round.
Rhoynarr on 1st
-Nemerra- on 7th

4th round
Arashi_Tora on 1st place
MrBlooM on 3rd place

5th round
-Surya- on 2nd place
MrBlooM on 3rd place
Ar-Feniel on 4th place

6th round
-Surya- on 2nd place
MISTyKA on 3rd place
talibanul86 on 8th place (even he is half Restless ^^)

Now you can see why I'm dam proud of it...


  1. Great job, guys! You rule!!!:))

  2. actually, in the 2nd round i was 2nd. Fata Babei won ;)

  3. From what i can remember...u were 1st and nix 2nd. I may be wrong..but i don't think so.