Thursday, 13 May 2010

Patch 115

Maybe one of the best patches since...Here are the news:
-Added epithet quests for Tibet; new higher-level quests

-Map for Cave of the Conqueror(!)

-Non-PK buffs sold by the Hermits in Bloody Plain Safe Zone and the Hermit in CC3. This buff costs 5,000 gold and prevents you from attacking players or being attacked by players for two hours in BP and CC. If you leave BP/CC, the buff goes away. You can renew the buff as often as you'd like/have money. You can't get the buff if you're in combat mode, if you have a major or minor penalty, or if you've won a PvP battle in the past 60 minutes.

So, new epi's for H+ players, the map of CC and the best of it, a dream for all CC grinders, non-pk buff ^^. I may consider to grind in CC again :))
The bad part will be for deff and hp bosses in CC. But at least now u can give it a try w/o being pk-ed. All you need is to be a nuker, lol :)) I wonder if nukers have dmg cap on those bosses too. If they do, be sure u're a FC warrior and u will get those trinkets ^^

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  1. omg repair the wu tang hero band system and the lost holy books in wu tang(curuntley hd books there -.-)