Thursday, 26 August 2010

Latest news from G1

Since GamersFirst announced they will become the new publisher, future GM, Hyperion, said something new and i would like to share :

* no exact time of the transfer

* all active accounts with all the items in them will be transfered

* all banned account will stay banned

* the entire mod/vgm team will be the same, at least at the begining. They will make changes based on a re-evaluation. Let's hope they will not forget about that.

* IM will be review; some items will become cheaper. Nobody said wich items

Nobody said nothing about Acclaims coins, but i guess is more wise to spend them now. You can keep the items, but most likely not the coins. And this is it, yet. I'll try to keep this updated as soon as I can.

Speaking of, the new 9D forum is here:

update: Also, latest news from Acclaim

"[GM] Fugen

With great sadness, I have to announce the near-immediate closure of 9Dragons. We will be taking the game and forums down as of 11:59pm PST today.

You may receive a refund on all unused Acclaim Coins in your account. You may also request a refund on any cash items purchased in the last thirty (30) days. Please send any refund requests to For item refunds, please send screenshots of your character and gear.

We thank you for playing 9Dragons and for your business.

On a personal note, I will miss the community and the game. May the seeds of the dragon within you thrive


  1. end came with a bit suddenly, sold my last exp cards fast to get profit :D

  2. Hello its YU Shun Li here (Joerg ) sorry to hear about that closing . I have a bit of hardware problems since some time and tried to install windows again and so i deinstalled 9 D for awhile . Might take awhile to solve that problems . I try to stay in contact with you
    and hope to install 9d again in the future .
    Well hoping the new publisher will do well .

  3. Hi, Yu, long time no see.
    You can always find us either here or on Facebook :)