Monday, 8 March 2010

Lost Books, Disappeared Tomes and other stuff

As some of you know and some of the newer members maybe don't, we have a donation account in the league with one char in each white clanbase. You won't find any gazillion gold there, but there are some helpful items for people starting out new chars (such as meditation, steps or lightfoot tomes) or in need to max their skills. After a generous donation from Painajainen/RedCross, I found that I couldn't really keep track of all the lost books there so late one night after getting tired of the Ayakashi, I started to sort the stuff there out. You can take a look at the spreadsheet and let us know what you need from there and ask any bandmaster to give you the books/clothes/weps you need.

Btw, you can also check the spreadsheet to see what various white clan books you drop are all about.

If anything there is not understandable, let me know in-game, I'll be around. Mostly. When the servers don't crash. Damn you, server hamsters. You're twarthing my plans to reach chi breathing on my birthday. Ah well.


  1. nice :) btw we dont have permission to view that spreadsheet

  2. mea culpa. should be all right now


    You'll thank me tomorrow.

  4. I have a couple of books I wanted to donate. Let me know who to donate to. :) Saw squirrel yesterday, but toon was too fast for me.

  5. Lol, dj.
    Eric, I'll move the books from Rhoy to the coll char. At least I got rid of my black side books, lol.