Monday, 18 January 2010

New Collection Quest

Finally, a new collection quest has been started and the first item list is on the forums. You can see the list and the updated status for Bardo under this link. Please help us gather the necessary items for a prolonged and boosted weekend xp.

And Restless members, remember we have a collection quest character where random mob drops can be dumped if you find they are taking up too much space. Just ask around in the league :)


Update: good going on the first list. Only some items left and they are more than half done, so am pretty confident we'll finish this first list. Even if VGMs are again hard to find in the evenings - I'm having a deja-vu on this one.

And here's a screenshot of our league collection char during a trade with VGM Olix, who was kind enough to log in at some point at players' request.

1 comment:

  1. Grats to the Bardo nutcases for finishing the first list!

    On a little sidenote, grats to the Disconnected league for contributing with lots of stuff, as well as buffs/heals for the people who were farming the low drop rate things.