Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I don't know who's idea of genius this was, but my bet would be Historian's. Acclaim have opened a Facebook site. To what end, only the gods may know. According to the thread announcing it. "It will be updated regularly with special Flash Promotions and advanced notice of events for fans of 9D who are also Facebook Users. Just as an example, it might read: "50% Off Dragon's Tears for the next 30 minutes!" (And only 9D Facebook Users who have their feeds running would know the sale was even happening)".

Why exactly I have to subscribe to a site where desperate people all over the world send out mating calls and bored employees grow vegetables in their office hours in order to receive updates about a game that has a site, ingame notices, flash promotions on the starter screen, a working and fairly populated forum and a twitter account that's been all but forgotten by Historian is a mystery to me.

Why official and formal communication sucks on all these channels is an even grander mystery.

Allow me to flatter myself and quote here my reply from the forums:

Interesting that the game's very own IRC channel isn't officially a source of information, but a cra.ppy social networking site that in itself has NOTHING to do with the game should offer such info. BTW, I can't really remember when the last time was that Historian actually tweeted something that had to do with Acclaim in general, not to mention 9Dragons and the 9D twitter account is all but dead. But hey, glad you guys found a new toy to play with and discard two months later.

And that when the forums are a mess (that has been even further messed up by someone's "tweaking" but let's just skip this episode), the official site still announces LD as a new map and 9d support know, on the rare occasions they come back from wherever aliens have abducted them, only how to dispatch template answers.

Don't get me wrong, PR is great. But it'd be more... interesting, let's say, if Acclaim tried to develop their communication channels intensively and not extensively.

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