Saturday, 16 January 2010

5xp event for Dark Hermit

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? It doesn't really make a difference since they are tied to each other. Today we are having a 5xp event for 3 hours (though some of the announcements still read from 4pm - 6pm GMT) during which the shared account/mentally disturbed person controlling the Dark Hermit char will roam the Land trying to make the event unpleasant for everyone he meets. He has the Venom that VGMs use, which kills instantly and leading to xp loss for the respective player. Acclaim's warning for this is "play at your own risk". I still haven't figured the point of the Dark Hermit contest, the point of even wanting to control such a char who's 'job description' is just to kill any player he encounters but heh, who am I to judge.

Enjoy the event if you decide to play it, have fun in real life if you don't.


  1. The point of the contest?
    here are a few:
    -boosting XP card sales for the contestants
    - boosting KG sale for the whole server (the victims)
    - boosting Huatuo's Panacea sales (same)
    - making a little more space on the full Bardo server during the event :)

    Did i cover it all?

  2. KG doesn't help against Venom (oh, and Bardo was crowded). But I was looking for a point from players' side. The only explanation for wanting to control such a char that I can think of, is to be mentally disturbed. Am I missing something?

  3. You forget one thing: they want power. You know what they say about power.
    it's the perfect opportunity to get back at those who stepped on your toes before.

    Seems the Bardo Dark Hermit is a little banned because of the hefei killing. Tsk tsk tsk, I feel so sorry for it.