Thursday, 7 January 2010

Recent patches and refinement rates

After the epic fails that were patches 98-100, this morning we finally got a fixing patch.
The description reads as follows:
LD Crash Error Fixed
Master & Disciple Spy Character Added
Various Master & Disciple Quests corrected
Master & Disciple Band Title Added to Item Mall

It seems the 4th class Master quest is fixed, and we'll have to see how LD behaves during the following events. I'm keeping the champagne bottle closed for now.
What people are reporting recently, though, doesn't look that good .
I can tell from experience, that after using the "refinement urban myths" that seemed to have worked until now, this morning my gloves failed at +9. Not much of a surprise, I already knew +9 was difficult to achieve. What confirmed this were the discussions I've had with various players I've met and knew they always wore +10 weps.
The bad news was that refinement rate seemes to have dropped drastically. Weapons refined by TheHermit for his book purchase promotion, are now +8, 0/0 hardness, increase impossible.

The league already knows the Arashi refinement horror stories. She stands out as the unluckiest person in refining in the league. It seems the plague that is affecting her has spread to more and more players. :) (no offense, Arashi).

So, personally, my advice is: don't spend those precious BEs, scales and tears right away on refining. It's too damn expensive to spend around 40 euros on item mall stuff that does not guarantee any refinement success. Even if your weapon won't break, grinding with low refined weapons with all hardness used isn't worth the money.

We'll just have to wait what other "hidden" fixes the next patches bring. Thumbs up for the M&D fix, but the perspectives aren't pretty bright when it comes to other pressing matters.


  1. same happen with my TheHermit's +7 weapon... used all hardness and made it barely +8. huge disappointment

  2. Failed on my WD GB Bracers last night, trying for +9. I have one more chance and I will still follow the superstitions and wait at least 2 weeks for a slow time on Bardo.

  3. After my LM 4 slot sword stopped at +8, I won't even bother trying to refine either the LM bracers or the GB WD sword any further than the hermit's +7.

    And yes, I am turning that book slowly but surely into a bestseller. 24USD (transport included) is cheaper than 5 scales and 1 tear from the Item Mall to get my weapons to +5 as has happened to my LM6 gloves. Damn, he could've signed at least one of them.