Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Second collection list

It seems that Nirvana has already traded most of the stuff on the second collection list.

You can find the list here . Between us, most of the stuff was donated by the leagues not that well represented in BP. The Disconnected Hero League was particularly active either in gathering the drops or helping those who did.

This morning we've donated a fair amount of stuff, thanks to everyone who kept their drops and moved them to our collection account. Thank you very much everyone, we'll discuss a way to split the rewards between the people who contributed. Either that, or we'll make a league fund to get our newbies a good headstard and to ensure that we'll have most of the books, manuals, elixirs and things we need to level our chars.

We'll keep collecting items until the list is finished, and we appreciate any help. I suppose the most difficult drop for us will be the strange stone, as it drops only from Bai Wu Changs in ZZ. Those are located only at Twin Dragons, and there aren't more than 1-2 there. So for this one we'll need either to log our RL blackies or rely on the black side to bring most of the contribution.

Here's a little picture of our league collection char and what it donated:

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