Thursday, 21 January 2010

5xp weekend

Well, I guess congratulations are in order. Bardo managed to fully complete the second list for the event too, so we will have some nice long 5xp events in the weekend. Big thanks go out to all the farmers and buffers out there who helped achieve this. And a big chunk of those thanks are for our league mates and for the Disconnected hero league (see below why).

And since we're biased (or maybe not) and like to pat ourselves on our backs (especially when we deserve it):

A common view at Hefei Event stage:

The last stretch:

And done:

Thanks also to the VGMs who logged in to collect the items, sometimes (or rather 'very often') putting up with the retards that seem to infest the server more than ever.

No thanks go out to all the crybabies who will make me play with general chat / map shout / lion's roar off again during the event and the tons of them who will yell for a TGW to be spawned at their doorstep and the uncounted illiterate kids who won't be doing homework, but ask for "rebuff plsssssssssssssss" or even charmingly demand "fock acclame, give us the buff again!". (Well, at least I am assuming that these people are at an age when they might have homework to do. If they've outgrown that, they have an even bigger issue than I thought.)

Well, and a couple of words of farewell for all the loudmouthed "heroes" of Bardo. The ones who will reap the TGW grats during the event. 'Nuker leagues' like JT, NM & co. (don't worry, they're decent. I wasn't looking for a chat ban):

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