Sunday, 7 February 2010

Another Collection Event

We have a new collection event this week. Actually, we have 2: the one we're already used to and a Valentine's day collection event, which requires a couple to deliver the quest items, on Saturday, 13th of Feb.

You can read more details here

Thanks to your contributions, we're donating the equivalent of 4hours 2xp.

This time, so we won't hear cries, whines and comments from people who haven't lifted a finger or pressed a click for this event, we're going to make screenshots of every trade with the VGMs and post them on the blog (and probably on the forum as well).

Thanks to everyone who contributed, Restless alone gathered exactly 21.38% of the entire collection, and 40% of the first list, and it seems some leaguemates still have donations to make. Big grats everyone!

We'll keep you posted here.

LE: of course, i forgot 1 SS: 187 cracked iron-cored wood, 155 iron maces, 23 purple and 2 green cof passes. Gotta love Alzheimer's

LE2: 255 golden cases + 20 purple + 8 green Cof Passes to Olix. and yeah....I'm a slow SS'er.

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