Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger

Well, as you might already know, this weekend the population of The Land has three causes for celebration.

First off, it's collection quest reward weekend. For the first time since the event is held, all three servers managed to complete 100% of the requested items list. So all three servers will have 4 hours of 5xp both on Saturday and Sunday, with a special carnival buff (reason enough to play with the roars off). For Bardo, the event starts at 3pm GMT. Enjoy that one and happy ding!-ing everyone.

Second, today is Valentine's Day. In addition to a screenshot contest on the forum of which the winners have been recently announced, there was also a special collection quest for couples. They had to collect together 50 items of each on the list in and trade them to LM Warda in order to receive the reward. Thank you MrBlooM for being my valentine for this one :D. Rewards were 500 def pills, as well as dmg and ck dmg pills and some firecrackers. (Thank you also [Playful] for being retarded enough to call others retarded just because you can't read and don't know that wood block is actually an item that does exist in game).

Thirdly, on the same day as Valentine's Day the new lunar year begins, marked in the Chinese calender as the Year of the Tiger. This only means additional joint events and the return of 9Dragon's own mad hatter, a.k.a. Nan Xuanchen, the master of hats, the Snow Lady you've already met in the Christmas quests as the damsel in distress who got in trouble again and the suspiciously colored chocolate hearts that improve your stats as well as some nice temporary items. Also, upon logging in you receive a nice buff called Valentine Glow.

Bringing the Snow Lady some damage soups will make her give you (2) items similar to the Mirror / Statue of Qilin that can give you nice stuff when combined. Of course, it was impossible to have a bugless patch. So items like BE, gt and flowstone do not stack with the rest you might have, are not tradeable and can't be exchanged for what they are meant to be exchanged. I got lucky with some nice hp pills, def pills and ve drain items so I'm not complaining. In addition, if you have done the Christmas quest with the Snow Lady, you will find a letter from her father in your gift box (the annoyingly blinking thing). Binging her that and another soup will result in you getting another mirror/statue combination.

You might have noticed some strange items dropping. You can bring the mad hatter 30 Dried Persimmons to get a special tigerfur hat to celebrate the new year, which gives you some nice stats, especially at low levels. You can keep the hat for 15 days. Also, 5 dried persimmons earn you a random fortune letter from the same NPC, which you can exchange for a reward under his 'Resource' tab. It might be a 30% life heal potion, a random chocolate (of course my warrior got ess and wis chocs) or some nice 1/1000 ve or 5/1000 hp panaceas.

The other three drops - pinwheel, scented beads and carnations. Ten of each you can add under the collection tab at Jiang Daxi's collection in order to receive a relic that will boost your speed 30%. Twenty of them will give you a similar relic with 10% crit rate increase. If you have both of those, you can exchange them for a Duanwu Fan which acts basically as a temporary Blood Bead of Earth with even better stats improval. Just as the tiger hat, you can use it for 15 days. Having that on while grinding makes some nice difference, so try and get it before the events.

Happy... everything.

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