Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Some Maths

And some bragging. Well, I looked of all the screenshots of item donations that I have, added 17 plates of iron coin I gave from Aynur but didn't SS and a stack of golden cases that I know our squirrel had and... here's the numbers:

Off the first list, Restless people have given 6803 items. That's 45,35% of the first list, 22,67% off the total.

The second list was published last night, you can find it here. At the time I write this, all what's there is our, except the Eggs and the Herbs but including the traditional pills that MrBlooM bought. It may be that MadSkills gave those before I handed over the little treasure from our collection char, including the +200 yakumo letters (thanks _-WuTaHe-_ for those). I was too tired from a long day at job and whining on IRC for a VGM to pick them up to take an SS of that - thank you for logging, btw.

With the pills included, that's 1797 items from the second list, adding up to 28,66% of the collection so far being completed by Restless chars and alts. But hey, it ain't over till the fat lady sings (those would be... uhm... Golden Coin chubby spear ladies, I guess) so expect to see that number rising.

Also, I guess this is the point to say a huuuge grats to Asura for finally getting their act together and for the first time completing 100% of the first list.

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