Friday, 28 January 2011

We are expanding

It's been long since we've updated this blog, but we were waiting for big news. Except levelling and getting epis, which is something we do on a daily basis, there was not much newsworthy.

Well, after getting used to our templates, after equipping them as much as we could, after levelling them a bit, trying to rebuild what we had before, seems that at last our gaming mood is up again.

Most of us also have black side characters. Since the dissolution of the Disconnected League on the G1 version, we were lacking a nice and friendly black league to host our characters. We already have a few ex-Disconnected members in the white league, and we are happy about it. But the question of "where to go" on the black side arose more often.

Some of our black characters have found temporary homes: my SF healer went to the Hungarian Fekete_Solymok Hero League. I have to say it was a short and pleasant experience, and I hope we can keep up the friendly terms further on. Li's SF was in another nice black league. But none of these leagues were Disconnected or Restless. So after careful consideration (almost lazy one), our very own Sloth fired the spark: we were going to create a black-side Restless league.

And so we had, and we are proud to announce the founding of the BlackAndFurry Hero League, lead by our burbing Sloth, currently composed of only the HD band (BlackAndFurry), the SF band (LadyKillers) and the BoT band (Splattt)

So old friends and leaguemates, although BlackAndFurry will probably never replace Restless, since our main and highest-level characters are on the white side, we are glad to host your black-side characters in a league with the same rules and same atmosphere as Restless, and we are glad to any addition of friendly players to that part of our little community.

After all, we stay fuzzy, fluffy and furry no matter what side we're playing on. And the black one has cookies, not nuts :)


  1. BoT band splatting on a black map place near you soon.

  2. and i wasn't even mentioned :D

  3. Thanks for being a founding member of Splattt.
    Hope you splat by more often :)

  4. hey guys what games are you playing and do we have a league in them like the old one been trying to finnd a new mmo for ages lol