Friday, 17 December 2010

Template characters

Well, after a long awaited "soon", the template characters are implemented. I'll make this post brief, with the info I have until now.
I have only claimed Mastara, my previously SM11 healer who has miraculously turned into a GB12 healer. Ar is still waiting until I figure out what to do about epis and gear.


- level 1-3 ND elixirs
- all the skills at ch10, including second role skills on characters that have not reached second role
- GK/BK relics
- +5 dagger and bracers
- perfect nuggets
- some clothes. I have 100 def pants (CC), 3% crit jacket, 10% all resistance hat, 100dmg and CK dmg wbs, 10% speed boots.
- 2kk gold
- you get your 3 free restats in hefei again.
- the skills that have been left out (see below) can be obtained through the clan base trainers.

DOWNS (hang on, this is gonna be a long list)

- Your character has face number one, no matter what it looked like before, and hairdo number one.
- if you didn't move your stuff into the inventory, your entire inventory is erased.
- unless high level enough, no epithets whatsoever. There are people with [unsealed]Conqueror of North Sea running around, but other than that, i saw KS at awkward zombies in Hefei. So for people above FC10 - no Shen Mo. Enjoy.
- 0 (yes, zero) karma. So you better do the Bloody flowers quest if you want to wear at least the GK relics
- you have the nuggets, but the weapons are not slotted.
- some high levels got the SM clothing set. Useless in LD/Icy
- your RTD quests appear as completed, but the quest rewards are not on your character. So better save up your clan relics if you have them, or your 2nd role clothes if you got there, you're not getting them now.
- your RTE and RTK quests need to be done again. It will not be easy getting those low-level drops.
- BP is a mess. SM nukers with ch10 aoe and BS buffs are NOT a desired sideffect.
- LE: BlooM reports the warrior damage buff missing (Xuanxu Art of Earth)
- LE: Reported "unhandled exception" bugs on characters that were given with the wrong gender .
- the characters do have all the clan-specific skills, but don't have the clan base vaga skills they learned at the beginning. Now this might not be THAT bad, just mentioned for the obsessive-compulsive fellow players who like to have all their skills maxed. So yeah, we do have some skills to train until ch10 :)

Not yet decided how to rate it:

The word filter is off starting with this patch. People can now freely type "shaolin" and " power", but they are also free to type the non-scientific terms for sexual intercourse, reproductive organs, feces and so on. Since I believe in freedom of speech, well, this is not altogether bad. What is bad is the fact that the discovery was made during a roar that contained the uncensored version of the abovementioned terms (shaolin was one of the last words roared - i will not get into the analysis of how that person's mind worked).

The list is far from complete, since I am leaving I will kindly ask someone else with editing rights to add to the list.
Ar is currently on hold for reclaiming. I'm not happy about losing my ch11 all attributes buff, but I'm glad I won't have to level all the nukes and the reflect all the way to 10. Also the face thing bothers me greatly, since Ar is supposed to have the face she did.
And the character claim sheet ...claimed Ar is a Shaolin hybrid. Funny, for a female character.

So if you decide to claim your characters, strip 'em, and think well. You might get both pleasant and very unpleasant surprises.


  1. It was an interesting experience with an even more interesting side effect. My master is nowhere in sight. Once I log on need to shift to another master i guess. :)

  2. The warrior buff is there, Bloom was just confused :P

    The fact that I now have two eyes instead of one bothers me as well :-s.

    Clan epis missing is still bullshit, some people actually used the FD12 one. Running around ZZ to do errands for RC lvl quests is not really exciting either, but at least there is a way to get the rewards from those quests, like the plates for secret solver epi for instance.

    Good thing is, I overwrote the chars using the G1 names (that is without dashes, underscores and whatnot). Thus, on Surya for instance, I got to keep the M&D title. Both Surya and Arashi are still Master, with Arashi keeping the contribution points as well. The bandmaster rights were also kept, even though they don't show on the list on the right character.

    There were suddenly 2 of each of my chars in the band, both showing the template level - CS12 and H12. I had leveled the nuker to GL1, and it got kicked when I kicked the CS12 char. So had to kick twice and reinvite to sort it out.

    We'd have to get all 5 bandmasters online to reform the league, as Lokus also needs to switch LM to his main.

  3. Its Yu again bad times for me but i signed a contractfor a new flat 2 days ago can move in in January i think i wish all of you great holidays and a lot of fun and yes i really miss you best wishes Jörg