Thursday, 16 December 2010

Something old, something new, something blue...

Kind of...since we will not have our old chars back, not even fresh new chars, but something between. That's why we will have

We are getting a character that is close to the level of our old characters, with a package of equipment that is suitable for that level. It works out like this;

Level Ranges
1-80 = No Template character
81-100 = Level 96 Template Character
101-115 = Level 108 Template Character
116-128 = Level 120 Template Character
129-139 = Level 132 Template Character
140-150 = Level 144 Template Character
151-160 = Level 156 Template Character
161-172 = Level 168 Template Character
173-188 = Level 180 Template Character
189-200 = Level 192 Template Character

The package isn't decided yet. For me it will be a big LOL since i have claimed my CS10 warr as CS9 (i forgot i have made CS10 right before the end of Acclaim), so i'll get a CS1 char. It sucks.

There will be more things to be taken care of, a lot of questions w/o answers, so stay tunned to see what God Hyerion will give us. Speaking of..what are your expectation from now on?

Full link here:

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  1. OMG PS7 back to H12. It took 2 - 3 weeks with a LM BD+9 just for one level and x5 xp. Now I have to do it all over again without the kit that I had.

    Sucks big time.