Friday, 4 February 2011

News, news, news...

I won't comment, just some quote from Hyperion's latest posts:

We are starting up the XP/Skill event today as opposed to tomorrow. This is due to my own personal preference, as I will be out of the office tomorrow I want to make sure that the event got started before I leave. XP and Skill xp will be doubled until Monday around noon (PST/10PM GMT). The GMs will be around working on the template PMs/tickets/reports and stuff so feel free to hit them up in IRC or via PM if you need something.
What I said was the GMs will be around, as I will not be. The template's cannot be delivered yet as we am waiting on the functions necessary to do so. Those functions for our tools are in QA now and should be ready next week, so the actual templates will likely start being distributed next week. Ill announce an actual ETA when I have one.

The Dev team is building the functions we need in batches, the batch we are testing has the needed functions for both template characters, and item/character editing functions.

The perma bans HAVE been happening for spammers and such...there is an additional function in this batch that will speed up the rate that bans can take affect though.

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