Tuesday, 22 June 2010

World Cup bets

Folks, if you got caught up in the World Cup excitement or would simply like to join the fun, there's a way you can do it in the game now as well. DC League is organising an event to do just that and Restless members are invited to participate as well.

All you have to do is pick your favourite for the cup and pay an entry fee of 1BE into the betting pool. There will be one chance to change your choice should your team get eliminated, if you pay one additional BE. The event is open to DC and Restless members only and you can find additional details to how it will work in SpearDriver's post here.

edit: 2nd round of bets is opened. The payment for bets is 2 be's. Also, u can see the last team available to bet here . So far, there are 13 players and a prize of 50 be's. Just choose your favourite for the World Cup winner, pay the entry fee and enjoy :D

Have fun and good luck all.

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