Sunday, 11 April 2010

Restless event

Well, as the name said, there will be an event made by Restless. Since i can't stay online ingame to much (thanks to patch 109), i will announce you here. And because of the same reason, the event will be made on IRC, gamesurge server on Restless official channel.

So far, the idea is allmost the same as Dogs of Lore contest hosted by [LM] Tears. There will be a set of questions related to 9Dragons. There are gonna be 5 winners only, we have some prizes already, but those will be announced later.

Why on IRC? just because on irc we don't have patch 109 = no dc's, so everyone can join. If u don't have an IRC client, you can download it from web, most common is mIRC.

Everybody is free to join, even you are a Restless member. This event will be advertise on 9D forum soon, when we will settle everything (date, prizes)
P.S. Just for the notice, [LM] Tears knows already about that, and she support the idea.

I forgot...we still don't have a name for this event. Tears said she will think about, but any feedback with a name will be perfect.

1 comment:

  1. Since the "big" event is Dogs of Lore and we have a small one --> puppies. Restless Puppies.